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September Fishing In….

September Fishing In Slovakia

After almost 12 years since our last trip to Slovakia. A group of friends & I, who travelled together for a World Championships in 2010. Decided to make a trip back and visit this wonderful country and its quality fishing. We flew out on 14th September for 4 days fishing. We flew to Kosice, with a short 1.5hr drive to Liptovský Mikuláš in Northern Slovakia. Where all the competition waters take place and best fishing can be found.. In northern Slovakia you can find Rivers such as the : Poprad, Brown Váh , Váh (Big), Revúca and Belá. As well as some lakes in the area with many types of fish.

á River Slovakia

We spent the first day traveling and getting set up at our lodge. We met up with a friend, who is local out there, who helped with organising permits and providing us with information . As to which rivers would fish best on certain days due to weather conditions. The Big Váh was first on the cards for our first days fishing. We prepared our gear into the van for a early morning start at 7am. We travelled to Bešeňová near the Dam at the upper stretches of the Váh .

Fishing was tough to begin, though some nice sized rainbows taken to streamers to start, and as the morning progressed nymphs working best fished tight into the banks and head of runs. Picking off some trout and grayling throughout the morning. We were told the best of the fishing would be from 10:30am onwards, which we saw some more fish being caught, but still found somewhat difficult for us all. We broke for lunch and moved down stream to another section near Ivachnová . Were we got some better nymph fishing in the runs and glides. As the day progressed , we saw some good fish moving out of the deeps into the flats. Coming up for dries, which led to some nice action to finish up the day.

Day 2 – we revisited the Big Váh further downstream in a Sector known for a higher level of grayling. This was near Ružomberok . We spilt up into groups and fished various types of water in the area, each using different fly methods. We all met nice sized Grayling, Rainbow trout and a few white fish. with some of us hooking into some big Grayling and Rainbows that unfortunately didn’t make it to the net due to their size and got away for another day. We broke for lunch and after a chat we decided the fishing was a bit slower then expected, though knowing the dry fly action in the evening could prove worth it. However, we made a change to the Revúca river a short distance away and enjoyed some fabulous fishing for the remainder of the evening. Catching some beautiful grayling, brown and rainbow trout to finish the day.

Day 3 – We returned to the Revúca River further down from day 2, where there was higher abundance of bigger fish,. We had fabulous fishing throughout the morning into the afternoon here. Catching a lot of fish , all mostly coming to Hares Ear grub nymphs and small Hot orange CDC tag nymphs. A lot of good sized grayling from 30 to 40cms. With some nice hard fighting trout also for the day.

On our last day we split up and fished the Brown Váh & the Belá rivers, before we flew home that evening. The Belá proved tough due to low water conditions, with most fish found to be shoaling up together in certain runs and lot of other areas seeming vacant of fish and hard to catch. However the Brown Váh (known as the small Váh) started off slow, but produced good numbers of trout and grayling for us as the day went on. With some nice ones to the net, to finish off a great few days of fishing, fun and craic amongst a few friends.

This trip was a very easy and affordable one to organise amongst all of us for the 5 days. The Food, locals and scenery was amazing and so friendly. A beautiful country worth visiting, and bringing your rod with you for a cast or two. If you wish for any details on this trip feel free to touch base with us here at