Ewing Rooster Saddles #1

Ewing Grizzly Saddles give your streamer patterns the realistic barring they need to attract fish .

Ewing Hen Saddles

Thanks to their soft and yet durable stems, these feathers are the perfect soft hackles. Therefore, they are a great choice for tying salmon flies, sea trout flies and all kinds of trout streamers.

Feathermaster Hen Cape Natural Med Dun

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Hen neck capes make the irreplaceable, basic material for making soft hackles, tails and wings of wet flies, nymphs as well as streamers well operating in water. They have great feathers for making matuka streamers.

Hends Black Hen Capes

Hends Hen Capes are soft and used mostly for tying spiders, emergers and lake lures. Feathers are not long, have naturally soft barbs and represent good value.

Wapsi Ringneck Cock Pheasant Skin Natural

The Ringneck Pheasant Skin offers a lot of different possibilities and is a must-have on the tying bench. Its fine feathers in various colors and shades are used to imitate legs on nymphs or as a hackle on spider patterns  and other wet flies. Its feathers are often used on the 'Peeping Caddis' nymph or as wings for adult sedges.

Whiting Freshwater Streamer Cape Silver Badger Natural

Rooster capes from Whiting in very nice quality. There are a lot of different feathers on this cape perfect for palmer hackle on coastal flies. On top of this they have feathers very suitable for front hackles on wet flies, salmon-, and sea trout flies.
This neck is worth every penny and is sold in both whole and half pieces

4B Whiting Hen Capes

Super value genetic hen necks from whiting, soft and easy to use, perfect for wet flies.

Devaux Coq de Leon Premium Cape – Demi Cou Pardo

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Premium Quality nib straight from France for heavy pardo users. Feathers with a beautiful pigmentation.  

Fly Co Salmon Hen Neck

Ideal for wets, streamers, lake flies when tying. Superb hackle.

Hareline 1/2 Grizzly Saddle

Very high quality grizzly hackles now available in half saddles. Hareline Half Grizzly Saddles are great for bigger dry flies, streamers, steelhead flies, and striper flies.

Hends Partridge Complete Skin Natural

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Complete natural partridge skin. This is a great way of buying a multitude of different feathers in one go.

Metz #1 Hen Saddles

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Metz feathers have long, extra slim, very stiff, short fibre hackles to tie the smallest of flies. They offer excellent

Piscari Cascade Rooster Saddle

Great and big rooster saddles. These are prefect for both body hackers and long enough for pike-flies. There are many

Piscari Indian Hen Saddles

Beautiful Hen saddle capes. Ideal for tying various lake flies, lake wets and various other styles and patterns.

Piscari Indian Cock Capes

Perfect Clean Cock capes. Ideal for spiders, Wets and small hackled flies. In Cree Light Cree, Furnace, Orange, Red, Silver Badger, Tan, Brown Ginger, Badger.

Piscari Indian Cock Saddles

Perfect Clean Cock Saddle capes. Ideal for Lake flies, spiders, Wet's and small hackled flies also.

Piscari Indian Hen Capes

Perfect Clean Hen capes. Ideal for spiders, Wet's and small hackled flies. In Black, Badger, Green Wells, Med Red Brown.