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Piscari-Fly Venator 10’6 #2 Nymphing Rod

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Discover the ultimate nymphing experience with the Piscari Fly Venator rod. Engineered for precision and performance, this rod is a game-changer for fly anglers. Unleash your potential on the water and elevate your nymphing technique with the Venator. Learn more about its features and how it can enhance your fly fishing adventures
Introducing the Piscari Fly Venator: Your Purpose-Built Nymphing Companion
Elevate your nymphing game with the all-new Piscari Fly Venator rod. Meticulously crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the Venator is designed to meet the specific demands of nymphing enthusiasts.
Built with high-performance materials and expert craftsmanship, the Venator offers unparalleled sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the subtlest strikes with ease. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures effortless casting and precise control, giving you the confidence to tackle any nymphing scenario.
Equipped with strategically placed guides and a responsive tip section, the Venator delivers unmatched accuracy and line control, enabling you to present your flies with pinpoint precision. Whether you're tightlining in fast-flowing rivers or delicately presenting nymphs in still waters, this rod is your go-to tool for success.
  • Custimised Slimline handle for better sensitivity and detection.
  • EVA Foam Butt for rod protection, weight balance and after sales value.
  • First primary guide from handle is 6inchs away to prevent line slap, enhance control and contact for the angler.
  • 20cm compeition fish marker.
  • Snake eye guides in tip section to prevent line lap.
  • Fast recovery tip section, yet offering fantastic tippet protection in setting your strike.
If you choose to buy a Venator rod, you will have a limited life time warrenty with us here at Piscari-Fly. If the rod is faulty in anyway due manfactures fault we will replace the rod or section at no cost. If you break or damage the rod or its components, we will replace the section / rod at a manafactures costing. As ever feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions before deciding to buy, but you wont be dissapointed.