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Sybai Flat Tinsel


Flat Tinsel 0.4 mm

Essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patterns.  Its shine makes the fly more attractive.

Tommi Fly Lead Wire

This is great for adding weight to fly's and building up the body of nymphs.

Tommi Fly UV Reflective Tying Thread

I have been using these threads for several years and find them fantastic, ideal for Nymphs, Perdigons, small dries and lots more. They come in a great range of colours.

Uni Floss

Uni-Floss 600DEN for Fly Tying is an all purpose body floss manufactured of 100% rayon. This tying thread is used

Uni French Embo Wire – small

A soft, high quality metallic wire. Used for ribbing on almost every style of fly. Non tarnishing, very strong.

UTC French Tinsel

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Painted Tinsel, which is great for weighting and segmentation of flies. Through the paint, the shine of the material is

UTC Holo Tinsel

Holographic tinsel is a fantastic piece of material to use when making bodies on small nymphs or if you need to