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Devaux Caddy Holder

A handy accessory to hold your gink or zinket bottles or other items to your chest pack or vest.

Devaux O’Fly Clean’Line

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Gel specially designed to maintain synthetic lines. It restores, cleans, increases glide and protects against UV.

Devaux O’Fly Float spray

Sprayer to lubricate and permanently float all flies including duck bottoms (CDC). Comes with a caddy

Devaux O’Fly Float’Dry

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Powder to waterproof all flies to the point of making them unsinkable, essential for duck bottoms (CDC).

Piscari-Fly Dry-X

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Exciting New Dry-Fly treatment Dry-X is a clear unscented, water based, eco friendly, non toxic dry fly treatment. It is used to make dry flies float for longer and it is completely water resistant.

Umpqua Shimazaki Dry Shake

The world's best selling powder fly floatant. Great for drying and reconditioning flies. When your dry fly begins to sink, just put it in the dry shake container and shake it.

Pro’s Choice Dry Fly Treatment

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A dry fly treatment that helps your fly to float. Pro's choice. You just brush it on.

Dry Fly Treatment Refill

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Refill is enough for 4 bottles. Comes with funnel.

Gink Fly Floatant

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Rub small amount into dry fly before getting it wet. Gink melts at skin temperature and won't cake small hackles. Floats dry flies for hours. Foats tippets and leaders too.

Hends CDC Gel

Original price was: €3.80.Current price is: €2.90.
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Hends CDC Gel is a natural and unique product used to treat to improve the floatability. This gel is made

Hends CDC Oil

Original price was: €3.80.Current price is: €2.90.
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Hunt’s Original Up High Float gel

Up High is the first offering to the world of float gels. With so many available on the market today



Red Mucilin greatly aids leader flotation for improved presentation.

Green Mucilin is a solid paste blend of silicone & Mucilin. Excellent on all modern fly lines

Piscari Fullers Earth Mud

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Take the shine off your tippet with Piscari Fly’s mud! This is our own formula, made from fuller’s earth and

Piscari Leak Finder

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Ideal for your waders. Finds the smallest holes with just a simple spray.

Tiemco Dry Magic

An excellent super smooth and highly viscous silicone based floatant that does not clog up the fibres on your fly,

Veniard CDC Gel

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A thicker oily CDC grease. Works as a barrier cream to keep your fly waterproof as well as recharging the

Water Shed Dry Fly Treatment

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A permanent waterproofing Agent. A drop on your fly 24 hours before fishing is all that’s needed. Totally odour and