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Devaux Dual Carson 2X to 3X Front Magnifier

Velcro-adjustable visor, equipped with two stackable magnifiers to increase magnification from 2X to 3X. This product brings you great comfort

Devaux Led Carson 2X TO 6X Front magnifier

Visor adjustable by notch system, equipped with three suppository magnifiers in order to increase the magnification from 2X to 6X

Traper Floating Glasses Lanyard

Lanyard was made of soft EVA foam. It is covered elastic polyester. The double sliding ring is used for adjustment. For attachment frame of glasses is use soft, anti slip tubing. Thanks to the lanyard is floated so glasses are protected from sinking.

Devaux Clip on Magnifier for glasses

Liftable magnifier that attaches to a pair of glasses for convenience while giving you the utmost in visiblility. Suitable for all

Rapid Fishing Sunglasses

The interchangeable lenses allow anglers to change their glasses to suit different light conditions. Most fishing eye-wear only have one lense.

Snowbee Cap Clip on Magnifying Lenses

Magnifying lenses that clip on to your cap for ease of sorting those hard to see problems. +2.5 magnification