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Baetis Silicone Bead Mat

Silicone mat that adheres to your work table, preventing the mounting tools from falling to the ground. Non-slip, measures: 13

Dubbing Dispensers

Dubbing Dispensers – perfect for placing your dubbing in from bought packet’s of dubbing for quick and easy use or

Eurofly Picric Acid

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The vial of picric acid (75 ml) at 2.5% Dilute full bottle with 1.5 litres of water to use.  Picric

Semperfli Fly Display Clips

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Semperfli Clips used to display your flies, these are superb and used by Professional Fly Tyers at Exhbitions and Shows.

Fly-Tying LED Lamp

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LED Fly-Tying lamp for your tying station. Built in USB port for attaching other devices for powering or charging. Device

Foam for Flyboxes

Refit your flyboxes with this fantastic foam. No adhesive supplied. 200x300x5mm or 200x300x4mm

Piscari Felt Pro Marker Pens

Felt Pro Marker pens, perfect for various applications, such as tying pike fly’s & streamers to add in color to

Piscari Perdo Nymph Tying Kit

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A Perfect nymph fly tying kit.. carefully selected to tie  100+ Peridgon style nymphs that catch fish…ALL materials included and

Premium Fly-Tying Kit

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A Premium Fly-Tying kit to suit all your fly-tying needs. This kit will cover you for all fly tying assortments

Upavon Tool Caddy & Hackle Guage

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Based on our iconic Bubble Fish, this adjustable, rigid Perspex fly tying tool  bar can hold up to 7 items. The

Veniard Premium Flytying Kit with Vice

NOW COMPLETE WITH VICE Enough materials for 1000’s of flies…. This kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in