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Fly Co Krinkle Mirror Flash

Another version of the best seller mirror flash, the krinkled surface exaggerates the already highly reflective surface.

H20 Slinky Fibre – White

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It is a great substitute for any pattern tied with bucktail. It is most durable and will last longer than

Piscari Streamer Fibre

Piscari's Streamer Fibre is a synthetic material for tying realistic looking baitfish style fly patterns

Veniard UV Tail

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UV tail and wing material, ideal for blobs, lures, streamers

Fly Co Mirror Flash

This flash has a lightly grooved surface wrap which gives a great effect as it helps to make the flash shine even more. perfect for grassy water or night fishing

Piscari Adhesive Synthetic Foil

An adhesive fine diameter synthetic foil perfect for tying Perdigone nymph bodies, flash back bodies for your Nymphs & wet flys. Buzzers & Tags for dry flys and much much more.

Flashabou Lateral Scale

Hedron's best selling durable salt-water cut Flashabou pimped and crimped for a scaled look and fluttering action. Each pack contains approximately 125 strands, 1/16" wide by 10" long.

Fly Co. Soft Flash – Purple

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Thin flexible soft tinsel with marabou-like action. Very popular as wing and tail material.

Fly Co. Sparkle Flash

Thin flexible tinsel with marabou-like action. Very popular as wing and tail material.

Hareline’s Ice Fur

Hareline Ice Fur is a great synthetic tying material that can be added to a variety of patterns. The material has

Hedron Flashabou Mirage

Reflective qualities with colour shifting technology create an iridescent, chameleon effect. An excellent product.

Hends Holographic Hair

This is a great quality product and fabulous to use. A very strong, 3-D holographic effect, flat mylar. Used on almost every style of flies. Extremly soft, highly mobile with a pulsating action.

Hends Krystal Flash

Twisted strands with a sparkle which can be used for tails wings and bodies.

Hends Long Hair

Natural hair length 10-25 cm for tying great streamers for catching trout, pike, taimen etc.    

Hends Neon + Angel Hair

Used on almost every style of flies. Soft and highly mobile. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies.

Hends Neon Hair

Used on almost every style of flies. Soft with great moving action. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies.  

Hends Peacock Hair

Hends New Peacock hair is perfect for streamers, pike flies, bodies. Available in 10 different colours

MFE Perdigone / Buzzer Quills

The MFE Perdigone Buzzer Quills; these fantastically shimmering and iridescent bodies of the Perdigon nymphs or many buzzers is child’s

Piscari Blue Damsel Flash

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Blue damsel flash is a perfect combination of colours to give off a very effective and well know colour widely

Piscari Hi-Vis Para Post

Hi-Vis Para Post ideal for klinkhammers for dry dropper set ups, indicators and parachutes. Each pack contains 35 strips approx 28cm in length.

Superfine Trilobal Wing Hair

From Sybai. Extremely fine premium winging material used on almost every style of flies. Excellent for wing, tail and bodies. Cutting it at desired length makes it very fine dubbing.