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Dennett Bait Elastic

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Hold your soft baits onto your hook with a few turns of bait elastic.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Flash-A-Boo Rigs

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Flash-A-Boo 3 hook rigs hook sizes 2 to cover Mackerel.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Hokkai Rigs

3 hook hokkai rigs hook sizes 4/0 to cover Pollack and Codling 3 per pack

Dennett Saltwater Pro Lumi Green Tubing

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This rig tubing is great. All colours are “Glow-in-the-Dark” and the tubing is nice and flexible. Lovely for enhancing your saltwater rigs.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Luminous Eel Rigs

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Luminous Eel with red feather rigs hook sizes 3/0 to cover Mackerel and Pollack

Dennett Saltwater Pro Super Sprat Sea Lure

Super Sprat is a deadly lure for estuary fishing. Shad, Sea Trout, Bass and Mackerel are all targeted with success

Tsunami Mackerel Rigs

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Tsunami Mackerel Rigs are designed for Spanish mackerel and king mackerel species. These rigs draw strikes and then hold that fish right to the net or gaff. Through leaders, extra sharp hooks, and top quality terminal gear all add to the angler's advantage with these rigs.

Dennett Auto Life Jacket 150 Newton

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Why play with your life when you are at the waterfront. A slip or accident could cost you your life. Get your life jacket on and ensure you come back to tell the tale of the one that got away.

Dennett Black Japanned Aberdeen Hook

A strong long shank bait hook with great point penetration. The round bend and long shank are great for baits like worms and sand eels. 10 Hooks per Pack Available in sizes 4/0 & 3/0
  • Straight Eye
  • Barbed End
  • Sand eel and rag worm

Dennett Ethafoam

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Sticky backed ethafoam to re-line your old fly boxes. 3mm x 27 cm x 84 cm approx

Dennett Fluo Lumi Beads

  • Fluo-colour rubber beads
  • Place one of them over the hook eye or add more beads on the rig close to the hook, for better fish attraction
  • Suitable for all types of fishing
  • 100 per pack
  • size 6mm
  • Available in Black, Yellow & Orange

Dennett Mackerel Hunter 9ft Combo

The rod is strong and powerful and makes casting easy for new comers to the sport. The reliable size 600 reel comes pre-loaded with line. Mackerel Hunter combos are the perfect outfit for many first time sea shore anglers.

Dennett MK4 Tip Light Red

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The Dennett Hobbs Tip Light is perfect for anglers fishing in the dark evenings and allows you to clearly see the tip of your rod when casting and to see when a fish bites.