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Veniard Boar Bristles

Great for feelers, eye stalks, antenna and other appendages
Quantity 5 pcs

Veniard English Partridge

The Partridge hackle has long since been a favourite with fly-tyers, and their use is widely acknowledged as being a perfect representation for the‘legs’ on many nymphs and North Country Spider patterns.

Veniard Knotted Cock Pheasant Tail


Center tail piece with each fibre double knotted

Supplied on the quill

Veniard Lightweight CI Bobbin Holder

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A nicely styled lightweight bobbin holder with ceramic inserts

Veniard TC Premium CI Bobbin Holder

Premium quality Titanium Coated Bobbin Holders with an attractive petrol rainbow titanium finish

Veniard Whip Finishers

The Whip Finish Tool from Veniard is an essential tool. It is used to securely finish off your fly pattern.