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Kinetic Dispenser Box

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The organiser for both rigs, leaders and stinger. Many rigs are thrown away because of tangle and mistreatment. Contains 10 soft foam spools

Kinetic Sabiki Circle Hook

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  • The combination of the Sabiki rigs efficiency and the holding power of circle hooks is the perfect match for soft mouths like herring.
    • Quality nylon Line
    • Golden chemical sharpened circle hook
    • Fish skin/Crystal hair
    • Herring

Kinetic Sabiki Disco

  • Three medium sized hooks, armed with strong mono and tempting flash hair colours is the "one to trust" rig in many situations for most pelagic species.
    • Quality nylon Line
    • Nickle chemical sharpened hook
    • Flash hair
    • Mackerel/cod/whiting

Kinetic Sabiki Hokki

  • If silicon fish imitation could be deadly – this would be the one. Few multi hooked rigs is more effective and has earned more respect than Hokkai. Got fins? Watch out!
    • Quality nylon Line
    • Nickel chemical sharpened hook
    • Flash hair/silicon head
    • Mackerel/cod/whiting

Kinetic Sabiki Nordic Mackerel

  • This short and robust rig is made for boat fishing and casting from shore. Fish like a “King” with the Sabiki Nordic Mackerel Rig.
    • Quality nylon Line
    • Nickel chemical sharpened hook
    • Flash hair
    • Mackerel

Kinetic Sabiki Trembler

  • Kinetic Sabikis Trembler Holographic Fishskin with flash is a perfect rig for those hunting herring, mackerel or small-mouthed fish on shallow water.
    • Quality nylon Line
    • Nickel chemical sharpened hook
    • Holo Fish skin/Flash
    • Herring

Kinetic Baitholder Single Hook

The hook is the last link between success and failure. We have selected some really good hooks for you. Japanese

Kinetic Double Stingers

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This stinger has 2 treble hooks on the wire. Mostly suitable for the bigger soft lures, but can also be used for dead bait.

Kinetic Enforcer Rods

Made with premium CL graphite blanks, Kinetic Enforcer spinning rods offer an ideal combination of weight, sensitivity and performance. Full

Kinetic Equaliser CF 10′ 20-60g

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Incredibly tough and extraordinarily sensitive, the Kinetic Equalizer rod series is a versatile, everyday workhorse you can use in most

Kinetic Gillie Salmon Net

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Inspired by the Scottish gillies who have used this kind of nets for centuries. The aluminium pole is to be

Kinetic Long Shank Single Hook

  • A classic well proven long shank hook. Loved by anglers all over the world and feared by most fish.
    • Japanese design
    • Chemical sharpened
    • Extreme needle point
    • Perfect stiffness
    • Anti-corrosion treatment

Kinetic Pike Leaders

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Pike Leaders 5 pack

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Sabiki Makk Tube

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Glowing tubes and bead are the most used rig attractors. Good tubes are vital for your fishing and with this one rigging will be easy.

Kinetic Seatrout Net Floating L

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The Kinetic Seatrout Net Floating prevents tangles and hook snags while remaining supple and responsive. The net features white tangle-free

Kinetic Steel Trace & Crimps

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Kinetic Steel Trace delivers the performance and strength you demand. 35lbs 10m Black. Great for leaders, lures, and trolling.

Kinetic Treble Hooks

Strong and reliable, the Kinetic Treble Hooks are constructed of strong high-carbon steel for exceptional durability, so you can fish with complete confidence.

Little Viking Kids Spinning Combo

The Little Viking Kids Combo is a great value 6ft rod & reel fishing set-up for kids and beginners. The

Fillet Knives

Kinetic Fillet Knife in blue. Fillet like a pro with this durable premium knife. Ergonomic soft-grip handle with flexible razor

Kinetic 4 Braid

Dusty Green 150 m 0.16mm 15.6kg Dusty Green 150 m 0.08mm 3.3kg   If you're looking for your favorite fishing braid, look no further than Kinetics’ 4-braid. The smooth surface on this fishing line whispers through your rod's guides on the cast. Sensitive enough to feel even the gentlest bites. Super-tough and abrasion resistant.
  • Ultra-high molecular polyethylene
  • Most advanced 4 Braid technology
  • Slick surface for low friction
  • Fluo yellow high viz colour or Dusty Green

Kinetic Boat CC 6′ P8

Save money and land yourself a superb saltwater fishing setup with the Kinetic Boat Fishing Combo. It pairs a quality lever drag reel with a powerful rod to amply support your quest for a trophy. The Kinetic Boat reel is built like a tank, yet lighter than most reels in its class.

Kinetic Brutalis FD Reel

The Kinetic Brutalis has striking looks, durable design and a silky-smooth drag. Sturdy graphite body and rotor is tough without adding weight. Thick aluminum bail wire design prevents bending. Aircraft-grade aluminum handle with soft touch knob. Four stainless steel ball bearing system with instant anti-reverse.

Kinetic Brutalis FS Rod

ltra-tough and dependable, count on Kinetic Brutalis FS for season after season of bringing in the big ones. The fiberglass blank combines excellent strength with perfect balance. Conventional aluminum reel seat with durable 3-legged low-profile guides. EVA grips and graphite cross gimbal for a comfortable grip and secure hold. Split handle with screw fitting.