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Hends Body Glass Half Round Micro

Half round translucent flexible material. Used for wound bodies or ribbing. Very useful for tying nymph, shrimp and midge bodies. Pack: 2,3 m (2,5 yds.).

Hends EZ Body Tubing

Hends EZ Body Tubing is 5mm in diameter and great for making streamer bodies etc. I also use this material to make Sand Eel patterns for Sea Bass fishing,

Virtual Nymph Flexi Body

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Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body is used widely on a lot of nymph patterns. Thicker than Wapsi Thin Skin so it forms more pronounced segments on your nymph patterns when wound around the hook shank.

Gummi Body

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Clear body material for tying baitfish imitations such as the Gummi Minnow. Comes in 2″ by 12″ sheets with backing

Hand Stripped Polish Quills

Take the pain, and inconsistency, out of stripping and dying peacock quills: we supply ready to use quills dyed in

Hends Cheek

These are narrow strips of coloured foils, from which we make small details on flies that increase a visibility of

Piscari Flat Closed Cell Foam

Foam has been used for many years in fly tying. Fly tying foams come in many forms, as flat sheets

Semperfli Wabbit

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Our synthetic rabbit adds a new dimension to many traditional flies. This will not waterlog like traditional rabbit zonker strips

Sybai Fine Back and Wing Foil

Fine translucent sheet. Perfect for backs, bodies, wings, shellbacks (carapaces) on crustaceans and other parts. This material will greatly increase

Sybai Fine Flashback

Flashback Sheet is fantastic for flashbacks, this changes its colour as the light hits it from different angles. it is 0.03mm in thickness and each sheet is 100 x145mm in size.

Sybai Flashback

These very thin colored leaves are fantastic to tie;scuds backs, making insect  wings, etc. Depending on the light, the shades

Sybai Flexi Floss 1mm

Flexi-floss is an excellent stretchable floss with all the qualities of rubber. This material is ideal when forming bodies and legs on any type of fly.

Sybai Magic Pearl Strips

Improved version of the Pearl Strips with opalizing effect. Superb for ribbing of Salmon flies and other freshwater and saltwater

Sybai Mirage Braidback

A new version of a braided back with a stronger pearlrscent shine for scuds, shrimp and midges also can be

Sybai Pearl Braidback 2.5mm

Pearlescent braid material for scuds, shrimp and midges also can be used for build wing cases.

Wapsi Thin Skin

Thin transparent material. Shiny on one side matt on the other, easy to cut to shape. Many many uses.