Mikado Chest Waders

Light nylon waders finished with a rubber sole with protector. All the seams were additionally taped to provide protection from water.

Traper GST Wader

The GST waders have been designed for anglers who are taking part in competition and those who are fishing in deep river pools and sea coastal waters.

Traper Toray Explorer Bib n’Brace

The Explorer pants are manufactured of three layers, Japanese DERMIZAX by TORAY. It is waterproof, breathable fabric being very strong

Devaux DVX 400 Zip Waders

Original price was: €299.00.Current price is: €200.00.
The Devaux® DVX 400 Zip Wader is very comfortable due to its construction and material. It is entirely made of high

Pros Standard Thigh Waders

The thigh waders have been produced with high quality PVC boots welded in. The product has been made on strong waterproof fabric, Plavitex Standard.

Redington Escape Chest Wader

Original price was: €270.00.Current price is: €215.00.
The ESCAPE WADERS are constructed with a 3-layer upper and a 4-layer lower material that offers mobility, breathability, and durability

Traper Yukon T-Zip Waders

Jukon TRAPER waders are a combination of two materials. Five layers on the bottom and three layers on the top.

Traper Nevada Bib ‘n Brace

Nevada TRAPER pants are a perfect complement to jackets, thus making the perfect suit. They are made of a strong, three-layer, waterproof AquaPro material.

Traper Stream Waders – XLK

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For anglers fishing less frequently than guides and competitors we offer the waders made of the japanese three layer HYDRO-TEC

Traper Yukon Waders

The characteristic element of this model is the rolling system for the top part of the waders. This system enable sliding off the waders while wading in shallower water which is the advantage especially in very hot weather.