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Bixlite Light Spin 214 c.w. 2-11g

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BIXLITE Light Spin are light spinning rods designed for perch, trout and chub angling. Blank made of carbon fibre, framed


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The JAWS angling mat for measuring of large fish up to 130 cm of length and 30 cm of width. Made of a sturdy fabric with an aluminium angle that facilitates measuring process. Rollable construction with a spare Velcro makes transport and storage easier.

Mikado Active Fishing Belt

Belts are becoming more and more popular alternatives to bags and vests among anglers. That shouldn’t really be surprising considering

Mikado bait box deep without compartments 28x17x10cm

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Mikado bait box deep without compartments 28x17x10cm

Mikado Bixlite Fast Spin

BIXLITE Fast Spin is a series of fast and sensitive spinning rods with a very versatile array of possible applications.

Mikado Bixlite Light Spin 214cm 2-11g

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Mikado Bixlight Light Spin was designed for perch and trout fishing. A sensitive and effective blank. Bixlite Light Spin was

Mikado Black Lure boxes with gasket and foam

Single-sided, 100% waterproof, black fishing boxes with seals. The lower compartments are lined with specially cut foam. They also feature classic, foam-free

Mikado Carus Reel

Innovative reel made of reinforced structural graphite, fitted with a precise spooling system. Stands out with a light weight and

Mikado Chest Waders

Light nylon waders finished with a rubber sole with protector. All the seams were additionally taped to provide protection from water.

Mikado Crayfish Rak

An ultra realistic cray fish imitation, one of perch and zander’s favourites. Thanks to elastic feet and pinchers, the lure

Mikado Dreamline 8 Braided Line

Dream Line braided line is a technologically advanced, 8-carrier line made of micro-fibres with dense structure. Its slippery coating, impressive durability and increased abrasion resistance will surely get appreciated by the most demanding anglers.

Mikado FS Wolfram Leaders

Tungsten Lithanium leaders consists of broad selection of lengths and durability that may become handy for any angler during predator angling. 100% sharp-teeth-resistant material.

Mikado Hip Pack Fishing Belt

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Perfect choice for active anglers that seamlessly merges mobility, capacity and modern look. Large main compartment will fit boxes, accessories

Mikado Intro Heavy Spin 270 c.w. 10-40g

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Strong spinning rods dedicated to angling with medium and large lures. Fast action, sensitive carbon blank and deeper deflection will

Mikado Intro Spin 270 c.w. 5-30g

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Fast, universal spinning rods with casting weight from 5 to 30 grams. The key advantage of Intro Spin rods is

Mikado Jaws Predator Snap

A top quality spinning snap, that stands out with its high durability provided by application of a hi-class, resilient wire.

Mikado Jaws Screw Micro Spiral

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Micro-spiral for soft lures. A great solution for small and medium-sized lures, made of soft silicone, where application of a

Mikado Jaws Swivels

Double, triple and quadruple, professional swivels allowing to create stingers for soft lures. Available in various lengths and two durability versions. They perfectly match the new EVO stinger series.

Mikado Jaws Tungsten Leaders

Basic steel leader made of 7 micro-strands, closed in durable coating. Top-quality components, clamps protected with a silicone coating and insane durability are advantages that make this product stand out significantly.

Mikado Landing Net – Foldable Rubber mesh 170cm

Very handy and easy to use, spinning landing net with a rubber-coated mesh. Large, aluminium-made landing net head can be

Mikado Landing Net – Foldable 200cm – Rubber net

Fish-friendly landing net head with a silicone-made mesh. There are various benefits of using such a material for a mesh

Mikado Landing Net Head Rubber

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Great landing net head invaluable during wading while spinning or in fly fishing. Wide rim with a rubber-coated net makes landing easier.