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Fly Co Krinkle Mirror Flash

Another version of the best seller mirror flash, the krinkled surface exaggerates the already highly reflective surface.

The Fly Co Ceramic Bobbin Holder

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This Bobbin Holder comes with a full ceramic tube which helps prevent your thread from snapping.

Ewing Hen Saddles

Thanks to their soft and yet durable stems, these feathers are the perfect soft hackles. Therefore, they are a great choice for tying salmon flies, sea trout flies and all kinds of trout streamers.

Fly Co Mirror Flash

This flash has a lightly grooved surface wrap which gives a great effect as it helps to make the flash shine even more. perfect for grassy water or night fishing

Wapsi Ringneck Cock Pheasant Skin Natural

The Ringneck Pheasant Skin offers a lot of different possibilities and is a must-have on the tying bench. Its fine feathers in various colors and shades are used to imitate legs on nymphs or as a hackle on spider patterns  and other wet flies. Its feathers are often used on the 'Peeping Caddis' nymph or as wings for adult sedges.