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Mikado Double Sided Tackle Box

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Very practical, two-sided lure and accessories box, made of strong plastic with sturdy latches. Transparent finish allows to easily locate trinkets; adjustable compartments enable individual arrangement.

Mikado Universal Boxes

These plastic boxes from Mikado are a great all rounder to have in your pack.  They are very versatile and can be used for beads, flies, lures etc. Available in Large & Medium

Traper 4-Sided Fly Box

Perfect waterproof 4-sided fly box. Nicely cut slots for nymphs and drys, amongst other flys.

Airflo Competitor Fly Box


The new Airflo COMPETITOR high impact lightweight plastic fly box boasts a 100% waterproof construction, suitable for both competition and pleasure anglers.

Competitor double sided fly box - slotted foam (holds 1000+ flies)

Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 6.5cm

Dry fly Compartment Box.

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Perfect slim waterproof fly box. With separate comparents to separate patterns into and keep dry. White background to easily identify

Piscari Extra Large “A4” Clear Fly Box

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305*230*23mm takes 450 flies Ideal for lake flies, lures, river and trout flies. Grey foam insert

Foam for Flyboxes

Refit your flyboxes with this fantastic foam. No adhesive supplied. 200x300x5mm or 200x300x4mm

Hends Super Fly Box

Fly box guarantees a 100% waterproof system with clear lids for easy fly selection the high density poly carbonate material

Lake Fly Box Waterproof

X Large waterproof fly box 25cm deep and hold 260 flies ideal for streamers, nymphs, lake flies or Salmon flies.

Large Waterproof Fly Box

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Large Waterproof (green inside) size 185mm by 103mm by 18mm. Can hold 134 flies.

Large Waterproof Fly Box Yellow

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Size: 187 x 102 x 16mm (7.36″ x 4.02″ x 0.63″) and takes 134 flies. Waterproof fly box with grey

Piscari Large Waterproof Fly Box

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Fantastic large waterproof fly box. Ideal to carry all types of flies. Perfect deep section on one leaf of the

Piscari Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box

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Waterproof Double sided fly box with lanyard.

Piscari Slim White Foam Fly Box

Small takes 77 nymphs, Medium takes 104 flies and large 163.

Small Waterproof fly box

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Small Waterproof (dark grey) size 138mm by 95mm by 18mm. Can hold 102 flies

Snowbee Silicone Competition Fly box

14763 Slimline Competition Fly Box An addition to our popular Slimline range, is our new Competition Fly Box. Made in

Traper Dry fly box

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Super-light tabs made of strong plastic, have a solid safety pin, thanks to which they can be easily and quickly