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Eumer S Tube Cone head

The S Tube cone head is designed to fit over the Small plastic tubing, either clear or coloured. Packs of

H20 Slinky Fibre – White

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It is a great substitute for any pattern tied with bucktail. It is most durable and will last longer than

Veniard Boar Bristles

Great for feelers, eye stalks, antenna and other appendages
Quantity 5 pcs

Veniard CI Spigot Bobbin Holder

Simple but functional thread holder with ceramic insert at the top. Ceramic insert is the best solution against wire wear.

Veniard Gallows Tool

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An extra hand when tying parachute flies.

Veniard Gold Loop De-Barb Pliers

Strong stainless steel construction, flat-face fine nosed pliers, with integral clippers and finished with distinctive gold finger loops.

Veniard Goose Biot Strips

Great for cheeks on buzzers. Available as individual dyed colours or mixed assorted colours or mixed fluorescent colours.

Veniard Hare Mask

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Anyone who ties flies will have used hare fur. The mask offers lots of hair in slightly different shades.

Veniard Mixed Bucktail

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6 pieces of mixed bucktail colours: black, blue, orange, red, white and yellow.

Veniard Osprey Salmon Double – size 12

Veniard Osprey VH003S is an extra strong standard Salmon double with a 1x long shank & up eye.

Veniard Patagonian Hare’s Feet

The harsh climate of Patagonia requires very long and coarse hair. Therefore, the fur of the Patagonian hare is an outstanding dubbing material for tying nymphs, wet and dry flies. Furthermore, due to its length, it can also be used for making dubbing loops that will definitely lead to superb results.  

Veniard Rotary Whip finish

The head of this whip finish tool rotates on its body. Available in Large and small.

Veniard Silicone Tubing – Clear

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Extra soft and pliable, this tubing has been specially manufactured for tubes as flexible hook supports, can also be used

Veniard TC Premium tool kit

An updated version of our great TC Premium kit, Now with bobbin threader and nicer storage box

Veniard UV Egg Chenille

Translucent Fibres with added UV flash, perfect for full bodied blob type patterns Available in Black, Bleached White, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Med Olive & Sunburst Yellow

Veniard UV Tail

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UV tail and wing material, ideal for blobs, lures, streamers

Veniard Whole Bucktail

Quality whole Bucktails which have a huge variety of uses and is the standard winging material for large Streamers, Salmon and Saltwater.

Wapsi Natural Fur – Fox Squirrel Belly

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Wapsi Natural Fur is dubbing made of natural material. Colors are from different animal furs and they all have a natural looking shade.

Veniard Blue Jay Wing

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Veniard Blue Jay Wing Hackles - These are fine quality blue jay wing hackles which are know for their blue barred effect often used in many trout / sea trout flies and classic salmon flies.

Veniard Floo Gloo

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A coat of Floo Gloo on any feather will hold it together and make it much more resilient.