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Devaux Amadou Leather Medium

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Devaux Amadou Medium Leather is a natural material which has the particularity of being completely hydrpophilic. It is unrivaledly effective

Traper Liquid Holder

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The holder fits all liquid bottles available on the market. Manufactured in aluminum.

Traper PVC Bottle Holder

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Silicone holder purposed for keeping bottles with gel, grease and liquids.

Traper Silicon Mount

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Silicon mount is used for fixing bottles with gels, grease and liquids. Mount is equipped with snap. The size match with the most products on the market.

Traper Spool Dispenser

Dispenser for carrying spare spools with the hook length line. Light weight was achieved by high quality aluminium. The dispenser is lasting and does not deform. On the arm there are two rings attached which make that the spools do not split. It has got a comfortable snap for mounting.

Traper Zinger with Measuring Tape

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The zinger with 100 cm measuring tape. It has two mounting options: pocket clamp or snap.

Piscari Competition Dropper Rings

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Dropper rings easy to apply and long lasting. Perfect to prevent your dropper flies for spinning or tangling on your rods. Quick and easy release. 6 in a pack.

Devaux DVX Amadou Mini

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Water absorption power. The Devaux® DVX Amadou Mini is a natural amadou to dry the flies.   Dimensions: 6 x 4cm

Devaux DVX Amadou Oval

Water absorption power. The Devaux DVX Amadou Oval is natural amadou to dry the flies. Dimensions: 7.5 x 5cm

Devaux Leather Fly Wallet

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Leather wallet covered with neoprene foam to bite flies.   Equipped with a fixing ring. Dimensions : 10X8.5cm  

Soldarini Multifunction Amadou

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Elegant and functional amadou equipped with linecleaner and line strighter.  

Traper Amadou

Patek Amadou made of natural leather. The absorbing inner part is made of a wood hub. Its high absorbency perfectly dries flies made of

Traper Leader Straightener 3 in1

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The leader straightener eliminates the curl from your leader so you can fight big fish, not coils.

Umpqua Foam Fly Patch

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A great addition to any pack, this accessory holds a ZS2 fly patch and readily attaches to any loop, d-ring

Umpqua Tippet Dock

•Keep your tippet at your finger-tips •A great addition to any pack, this tippet holder readily holds 6 standard tippet