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Piscari Folding Wading Staff

A wading staff is an essential safety pole for all anglers, it will allow you to find rocks and steep

Piscari Knotted Pheasant Tails

Perfect Natural knotted Pheasant tails. Used for hoppers, Dabblers and other emerger flys on lakes and Bank venues. Among other

Piscari Lavender Tungsten Beads

 3.00 3.20
Slotted Colored Tungsten Beads  are easy to use for a wide range of hooks. Because tungsten is almost 2 times heavy than lead and 4 times heavy than brass,  the flies  tied with tungsten beads will go very fast in the feeding area where the fish are.

Piscari Lead Weights

 0.40 0.90
Available in 4 different size   Egg shaped     1/4        6g Egg shaped     3/8     

Piscari Mallard Neck Feather Devaux Brown

Mallard Neck Feathers are popular in tying world due to main color which is brown. On some feathers small light cream spots are present . The feathers suits perfect for making wings for sedge flies.

Piscari Mallard Wing Butcher Blue

Mallard Duck Wing Quills Blue White Tip (Butcher Blues) - As used for the wing on the Butcher fly. 8 per pack

Piscari Pearl White Tungsten Beads

 2.70 3.20
Quality Anodised Beads in packs of 25, slotted and countersunk available in a Pearl White

Piscari W Jig Hook

Our new Barbless Wide Gape Jig hook features an extended gape and heavy wire for maximum strength.

Ritz Fly Rod


The perfect rod for anyone starting out euro-nymphing or looking to start out. From a young angler getting into fishing or someone looking to give euro-nymphing a try and get a rod kit that will get them started without breaking the bank.The Ritz rod comes in two weight options from a 10foot 2 weight to a 10foot 3 weight. A soft to medium action rod, perfect for all styles of euro nymphing. These rods can be used for dry fly & dry dropper set ups also with the correct line weight to match the rod.

The Ritz rod comes with a spare tip section included in the price.

The Ritz rod come without a rod tube. Rod tubes in stock shortly.

All Ritz fly rods are 10foot long.

100% Pure Acetone

Ideal for thinning varnishes and resins and cleaning application brushes


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