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Kali Kunnan Box 24 Rig Winders

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Box with 24 Rig Winders rack terminals of diameter 65 mm Inside the Rig Winders are trapped in a stand in EVA therefore remain Fixed without rolling and cause annoying tangles.


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The JAWS angling mat for measuring of large fish up to 130 cm of length and 30 cm of width. Made of a sturdy fabric with an aluminium angle that facilitates measuring process. Rollable construction with a spare Velcro makes transport and storage easier.

Mikado Active Fishing Belt

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Belts are becoming more and more popular alternatives to bags and vests among anglers. That shouldn’t really be surprising considering

Mikado bait box deep without compartments 28x17x10cm

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Mikado bait box deep without compartments 28x17x10cm

Mikado Black Lure boxes with gasket and foam

Single-sided, 100% waterproof, black fishing boxes with seals. The lower compartments are lined with specially cut foam. They also feature classic, foam-free

Mikado Lure boxes – double sided

The boxes are designed for transporting and storing artificial spinning and sea lures, such as wobblers, pilkers, etc. The transparent

Mikado Lure tackle box with seal

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Mikado Lure tackle box with seal 35x22x5cm

Mikado Seat box – Green

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A special, high-quality box for storing fishing equipment that also serves as a seat. High durability, ensures long-term use. SPECIFICATION Length

Westin Lure Vault Tackle Box

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Westin’s W6 Lure Vaults are designed to withstand all situations. The included inserts keep your tackle box well organized, suitable for both soft and hard lures.

Behr Eurolite

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2 sticks per pack proven millions of times Luminosity of over 12 hours Durability over 2 years (store in a

Behr Fishing Bag Medium

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Medium – featuring  segregated main compartment / separate front pouch and two button down front pockets. 38.1 X 12.8 X

Dennett MK4 Tip Light Red

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The Dennett Hobbs Tip Light is perfect for anglers fishing in the dark evenings and allows you to clearly see the tip of your rod when casting and to see when a fish bites.

Dinsmores Wire Traces

Available in 3 lengths of 15, 23 & 30 cm Carrying capacity of 13kg

Fillet Knives

Kinetic Fillet Knife in blue. Fillet like a pro with this durable premium knife. Ergonomic soft-grip handle with flexible razor

Kali Kunnan Seat Box

Large version 54 x 39 x 40cm & standard Version 45 x 37 x 30cm seat box comes complete with a padded strap for easy transporting to the mark.

Kinetic CS Forceps Straight Nose

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Straight Nose 8.5" Forceps Blue/Black Kinetic carbon steel forceps help you handle a variety of on-the-water situations. Built-in scissors. Great for cutting lines and detaching hooks/flies. Comfortable anti-slip grip. Essential for safe hook removal.

Kinetic CS Plier Curved Nose

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8.5" Curved Nose, Blue/Black Kinetic carbon steel pliers help you handle a variety of on-the-water situations. Great for cutting leaders and lines, detaching hooks and for crimping wire leaders. Comfortable anti-slip handle. Curved nose helps get at hard-to-reach hooks.

Kinetic Multi Scissors

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Kinetic Multi Scissors easily and safely cut braid and mono lines. The oversized finger holes feature nonslip grips for precise, comfortable handling. A must-have in every angler's kit.

Kinetic Rig Wallet

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This classic zip-lock style Kinetic Rig Wallet is made of extremely durable and water repellent materials. It measures 20x16cm and are locked with velcro. Contains ten plastic pockets for your rigs and gear.

Mikado ABM 313 Rig Box

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Medium-sized boxes made of durable transparent plastic. Designed to store a set of accessories for one particular method of fishing. Usually transported and stored in fishing bags or bigger boxes. They are equipped with movable compartments, which allows to rearrange the space according to your needs. Can be adjusted separately to each single wobbler or spoon. Mostly used by anglers to segregate spinning lures. Also recommended for storage of lead olives, floats or swivels.