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Traper Zinger with snap

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The zinger with one snap for attaching accessories. It has reeled, spring line and swivel.

Kinetic CS Forceps Straight Nose

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Straight Nose 8.5" Forceps Blue/Black Kinetic carbon steel forceps help you handle a variety of on-the-water situations. Built-in scissors. Great for cutting lines and detaching hooks/flies. Comfortable anti-slip grip. Essential for safe hook removal.

Mikado Universal Pliers

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Classic construction of black, versatile pliers allow both to cut lines and metal leaders; indents for sleeve clamping, special hook for connector ring opening and porous surfaces facilitating formation process of any metal angling accessories.

Traper Slim Nippers

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Light nipper manufactured of Japanese stainless steel. The blades are positioned at angle for easier use. There is the sharp pin for cleaning the hooks eyes as well as the hole for snap.

Traper Titanium Forceps

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Robust pliers for fish unhooking fish with block. They are manufactured in top quality stainless steel covered with titanium. The handles are sheathed with anti slip plastic. They are recommended for bigger hooks.

Traper Titanium Nippers

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Extremely precise nipper for professionals. Exchangeable, tungsten blades mounted in the burnished stainless steel. It is additionally equipped with the sharp pin for cleaning the hooks eyes as well as the hole for snap.

Piscari Competition Dropper Rings

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Dropper rings easy to apply and long lasting. Perfect to prevent your dropper flies for spinning or tangling on your rods. Quick and easy release. 6 in a pack.

Devaux DVX Thermometer

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Water temperature. The Devaux DVX Thermometer is a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Very useful to determine fish behaviour, stages for

Devaux Monomaster

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The protection of aquatic environments and their environments is very important. Thanks to this light, compact and very easy-to-use accessory, fishermen

Devaux Multifunction Nippers

This 3-function line cutter, from Devaux, allows you to cut nylon with precision and unclog fly eyelets. Line cutter with eyelet

Upavon Fips-Mouche Rules Competition Fly Gauge

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From Upavon Fly fishing. Most accurate gauge on the market*, dimensions as per FIPS-Mouche Rules Rule 29.4. “If more than

Piscari Double Zinger

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Ideal item for holding cutters or tools.  Comes with magnet.

Piscari Mini Trout Stomach Pump

Small pump perfect and safe for pumping stomachs of small fish and trout to investigate what the fish have been or are feeding on at present you so can adjust your fly or bait choice to target more catches of fish.

Piscari Nippers

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These snipers or clippers are ideal for trimming lines. They are stainless steel with a sharp cutting edge, they would

Piscari Pliers

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One of the most important tools post-catch, like pliers, hardly get a second thought. Having some type of pliers is very important. A lot of time is wasted fumbling around with hooks lodged stubbornly in fish, clothing, even skin, and not spent actually fishing.

Piscari Pliers/Scissors

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A great tool to have in your pack. Two in one pliers in front, scissors at the back.

SPRO Fastlock Snaps

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Size 6 – 11KG 10 pcs per pack   Use these carbines to change every streamer within seconds without retying

Stonfo Double Service Botton

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The Double Service Botton from stonfo is a retractor with two pull-out straps and a small fly patch between the

Piscari Super Strong Net Magnet

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It is an ideal accessories for outdoor fly fishing.Keeps net safe and handy when you are fishing, holds the net handle down for easy reach and prevents snagging on brush

Umpqua Dream Stream Hook File

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Don’t neglect your hook points if you want to consistently hook and hold fish. This two-sided file has grooves for

Umpqua River Grip Tool Kit

Whether trying on a new fly or releasing a fish, this kit has everything you need. Includes: Clip-on retractor Nipper

Upavon Imperial Rod Ruler & Fish Measure

This product allows the angler to quickly and efficiently measure and release fish causing the least stress possible. It can be cut to length for short section rods and also applied to landing net handles, wading sticks and boat seats to measure droppers and tippets.
  • Two rulers per pack
  • Available in metric (90cm) and Imperial (36 Inch) formats
  • Flexible material for simple application over curved areas
  • Weather resistant, rod safe adhesive
  • Easy read white design