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Wapsi Calf Body Hair White

Individual tails have short crinkly hairs. Commonly used for wings on dry flies (Wulff's Trudes. parachutes posts, etc. or wings on wet flies). Calf tail hair is an essential material for tying split-wing dry flies such as Wulffs, bonefish fly patterns, and smaller trout flies requiring finer, more crinkly hair than bucktail.

Piscari Cascade Rooster Saddle

Great and big rooster saddles. These are prefect for both body hackers and long enough for pike-flies. There are many

Veniard Calf Tails

Natural White available. Veniard Calf Tail is used for making para post for wings. The kinky fibers are perfect for

Veniard Hen Pheasant Wings

The Veniard Pheasant Hen Wings have natural soft tan and brown shades with mottled patterns throughout and are ideal for

Whiting Brahma – Badger Tan

Whiting’s Brahma hen capes are soft, webby badger hackles. Suitable for wet fly hackle. They also have heavily mottled shoulder

Whiting Fly Tier’s Variety Pack

The Fly Tier’s Variety Pack was developed to offer a low-cost, superior-quality product for the budget-minded fly tier. This variety

Whiting FM Rooster Saddle

You will find many different uses for these versatile feathers at the tying desk and can be sure about the


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