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Airflo Delta Taper Stillwater Camo Fishing Line

The Delta Taper Camo Clear utilizes clear Polyurethane over an ultra supple camo core - perfect for those situations when extreme stealth are key to success. This line casts delicately and blends in perfectly with surrounding aquatic vegetation.

Airflo Sixth Sense 2 Sinking Flyline

The Sixth Sense 2 Sinking Fly Line range has been designed to meet the specific needs of the Stillwater fly angler, the long front taper excels with teams of flies, creating the perfect balance between delicacy and distance.  

Airflo Superflo Tactical Taper Floating FlyLine

The precision line that casts well on any action rod. Long front taper for beautiful turn over. Longer head for control at distance. Smaller tip diameter for presenting smaller flies. Haul zone extends usable head length. Ultra-thin running line shoots like hell, takes up less spool space.  

Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Flyline

A great all round taper with a wide range of applications. Loads at short range. Longer rear taper provides multiple

Piscari Premium Fly Lines

After a lot of research and testing we are delighted to introduce our own premium fly-lines. They come with welded loops on both ends. We have Fast Intermediate and Sinking versions available. 100ft in length

Piscari Saltwater Fly Lines

After a lot of research and testing we are delighted to introduce our saltwater lines made with premium material to make them durable and also gives a smooth cast. They come with loops on both ends.

Rio Elite Technical Trout

Specifically designed for delicate presentations of small flies to technical feeders at range, with low stretch, ultra-slick performance.  

Rio Premier Aqualux WF7I

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An intermediate sinking line with a completely clear head – essential for all lake angler, with ultra-slick performance.

Snowbee XS Plus Buzzer WF7 1 sink tip

The original Buzzer line with the 3-4′ of olive slow sinking tip. A deadly line when nymph and buzzer fishing,

Airflo Superdri Lakepro WF7 Fishing Line

Think how high your line floats, then think higher, then higher again, and you're just getting there! Thanks to the new Super Dri coating, these lines float higher, shoot easier, last longer and lift off with minimal disturbance, making them super stealthy. One cast, and you won't go back. Specifically designed for fishing on stillwaters, the Lake Pro line uses Airflo's proven Delta line taper, ideal for tangle free casts at distance, even with teams of multiple flies.

Airflo Superflo Nymphindicator WF5

Designed specifically for throwing nymph rigs, the Nymph indicator line now has SuperFlo Tech added, making it smoother, less bulky, and even more durable.

Cortland Long Belly Distance Line WF7F

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The Long Belly Distance was designed for complete distance versatility. The long head design allows for quick line pick up, roll casting and mending at long distances.

Rio Fathom Cleansweep Sinking Lines

RIO’S CLEANSWEEP LINES are a series of sinking lines built with a clear intermediate front end, seamlessly attached to a faster sinking body section and then to a slower sinking running line. This blend of sink rates results in a deadly fly path through the water, with the line “sweeping” the depths during a retrieve – from the surface, to deep, and back to the surface again – covering a multitude of depths with each cast.

Rio Flyline Backing

Rio Products traditional Dacron® braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality. A good compromise

Traper GST Secret Lake Fly Line

The competitor's line series developed by European and World Champions – members of the Polish National Team. It is purposed for still water fishing. Lines of all sink rates have the same grey colour and an orange marker. The sink rate is laser printed on the head. Using the same colour of the line regardless the sink rate enables to keep the depth of fishing in secret and gives some advantage over the other competitors.

Traper GST Triple Secret Lake Fly Line

The floating line made in the RIDGE technology, developed by European and World Champions – members of the Polish National Team. Each line has got three sections with various sink rate and is purposed for fishing from the bank and from the boat anchored by the bank. the line construction ensures full control and constant touch with the fly. All the lines have the grey head and yellow running, regardless the laser marked sink rate, what enables to keep the depth of fishing in secret and gives some advantage over the other competitors.

Traper Impulse Flyline

High quality fly lines offered at reasonable price. Designed and manufactured in England. Impulse fly line is a perfect proposal for demanding fly fishermen. The lines' coating is made of polyurethane in the most advanced Polyfuse technology. Orange and white floating lines have traditional multifilament core. Clear, perfect for shy fish, intermediate and olive, type 3 sinking line have monofilament core. Impulse is a slightly overloaded line and loads the newest fly rods. Impulse line has got the looped tip.

Traper Speed Fly Line

Very good quality fly fishing lines at very good price. Compact head construction with unstretchable core make precision casts easy.

Airflo Beach Intermediate Line

Airflo Beach/Surf lines have been developed for sea-run cutthroat trout, striped bass, halibut and other cold water species foraging along

Airflo 40 Plus Expert

There’s always someone who wants to cast even further - for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert. ­It's like the Forty Plus… just longer, with a 45 foot long head.

Airflo Rage Kit floating 9/10

The kit contains a Rage floating shooting head, Super Dri Ridged running line and three 12’ tips looped both ends

Airflo Ridge Delta Clear Fast Int Fly Line

Providing anglers with the ultimate stealth line, the Airflo Ridge Pure Delta Clear Fly Line is completely translucent and blends

Airflo Sixth Sense Lake Taper Fly Line WF8/9 Sink 5

From the creators of density compensation technology comes this brand new range of high-quality sinking lines. The mini tip has 3ft of intermediate line.

Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines

Airflo Sixth Sense fly lines have proved their worth on the competition scene time and time again. At home either on a boat or from the bank of a small water the updated versions not only cast far smoother, but allow you to fish and keep your flies in the zone.