Traper Colorado Jacket

The characteristic elements of the Colorado jacket are covered and flat pockets. There are two pockets padded with fleece for hands warming. The pockets placed nearby main zipper are use for fly boxes keeping.

Traper Toray Montana Jacket

Manufactured of the top quality, three layers, Japanese fabric DERMIZAX by TORAY, this jacket is a synonymous of durability, protection against the atmospheric conditions and unbeatable breathability.

Traper Utah Black Jacket

Extremely durable, waterproof, three layer Hydrotec fabric creates external coverage of Utah jackets. Modern, perfectly designed jackets are the attractive

Traper Kurtka Florida – Waterproof Lightweight Jacket

A very light, waterproof rain jacket made of 2.5 layers of AQUALITE material. The great advantage of this product is its low weight and softness of the material. It can be folded into a small cube. This allows you to pack into a small bag, backpack or vest. The jacket has two pockets closed with waterproof zippers. Perfect for warm days when a sudden storm and rain may surprise us.

Devaux DVX Supra Light Jacket

Original price was: €70.00.Current price is: €58.00.
Waterproof and breathable. The Devaux® DVX Supra Light Jacket is water resistant and breathable rain jacket, extremely light and compact to be

Traper Creek Jacket

Three layer AquaPro fabric gives unbelievably robust and entirely waterproof barrier for rain, snow and wind. Ensures the angler uncommon comfort

Traper Montana Jacket

The Montana Jacket is manufactured of an extremely robust, waterproof, three layer TM HYDRO-TEC fabric, ensures high comfort, does not