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Hanak Superb RS35 reel

Ultra modern all-metal extra-large-arbor reel made of aviation aluminium alloy in combination with elements made of stainless steel. Exclusive H-design

Fluorocarbon Tippets Hanak Competition

Fluorocarbon tippet HANÁK Competition thanks to its revolutionary attributes it is ideal for fishing for spooky fish. It is almost

Hanak H290BL

A medium wire, long shank hook. Universal hook for wet flies, dry flies and bead nymphs.

Hanak Bicolour Indicator

Two-coloured fluo leader for making strike indicators. 30m in length. In two sets of colours Fluo Orange/Yellow. Fluo Yellow/Black

Hanak Camo Hat

The new Hanak Competition Cap in Grey Camou. A modern comfortable cap with ventilation on the sides. Velcro allows for adjustment to fit

Hanak Czech Nymph wf2f

Revolutionary technology Superb Dry Floating Technology. The series “Czech Nymph” covers all requests of demanding anglers and competitors. 24.4m in

Hanak Fluorocarbon Tippet NEW 2022

New 2022 version of Hanak’s brilliant fluorocarbon tippet   7X 6X 5X 4X 3.5X 3X 2X sizes available

Hanak H230BL

Strengthened version of H 130 BL with bent-in point. Medium wire. Standard shank. Extra long needle point. Bent in point. Colour - black nickel. Barbless.  Great for stillwater and wet flies

Hanak H390BL

The H 390 BL, as its name suggests, has been developed to tie the perfect Klinkhammer patterns. But also all

Hanak H450 BL

Innovative jig hook with extra wide gape for usage with various beads. Medium wire. Extra long needle point. Bent in point. Colour - black nickel. Barbless.

Hanak H45XH Hooks

Extra reinforced jig hook with barb. Ideal for tying flies to catch trophy fish. New 2020. It has a very

Hanak Suprlight SLT 03F

Extra quality fly fishing lines with ultra-slick coating for easy casts with nymphing leaders. Length 24m. Colour Olive.

Hanak Tricolour Indicator

Brand New three-coloured fluo leader for making strike indicators. Hot Fluo Yellow/black/red-pink. Length 30m