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Upavon Gunville Foam Cutter

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The Pack includes 6 x Gunville Foam Cutters (2.8, 3.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 & 9.0mm) These cutters measure 57mm long and have a cutting depth of 45mm.

Cutting your own foam saves money and ensures you get the colour, size, quality of foam and cut you desire. Meaning that the proportion of foam on a given fly is matched for perfect presentation.

These cutters are machined from high grade stainless steel bar and manufactured in the UK, which means they are stronger and more reliable than telescopic rods or equivalents. The cutters are pre-sharpened and built to last

Upavon Bionic HD Foam

Exclusive to Upavon Fly Fishing. Specifically designed for fly tying Ant bodies and posts – no more gluing sheets! Premium

Upavon Foam Blocks

Upavon HD Foam Blocks. Perfect for booby eyes, detached bodies, posts, breathers etc.

Upavon Imperial Rod Ruler & Fish Measure

This product allows the angler to quickly and efficiently measure and release fish causing the least stress possible. It can be cut to length for short section rods and also applied to landing net handles, wading sticks and boat seats to measure droppers and tippets.
  • Two rulers per pack
  • Available in metric (90cm) and Imperial (36 Inch) formats
  • Flexible material for simple application over curved areas
  • Weather resistant, rod safe adhesive
  • Easy read white design

Upavon Tool Caddy & Hackle Guage

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Based on our iconic Bubble Fish, this adjustable, rigid Perspex fly tying tool  bar can hold up to 7 items. The