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Hends 550 Klinkhammer Hook

The 550 Klinkhammer is a modern emerger hook for tying very effective patterns – for example Klinkhammer dry flies or

Hends Black Hen Capes

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Hends Hen Capes are soft and used mostly for tying spiders, emergers and lake lures. Feathers are not long, have naturally soft barbs and represent good value.

Hends Body Glass Half Round Micro

Half round translucent flexible material. Used for wound bodies or ribbing. Very useful for tying nymph, shrimp and midge bodies. Pack: 2,3 m (2,5 yds.).

Hends EZ Body Tubing

Hends EZ Body Tubing is 5mm in diameter and great for making streamer bodies etc. I also use this material to make Sand Eel patterns for Sea Bass fishing,

Hends Fish Heads

Transparent Fish Heads are ultralight fish heads used on freshwater / saltwater streamer patterns. Realistic head profile made of strong

Hends Microchenille Cactus 1mm

Hends Microchenille Cactus 1 mm. Hends Microchenille is a very fine chenille, just 1 mm wide. Best to use for

Hends Bl 124

The Hends 124 BL fly hook is designed for Jig, Nymph and Pupa patterns. Round Bent. Down-eye. Wire 2x strong.

Hends BL 144

Hends 144BL Barbless Competition Jig Hooks is a medium wire hook with a wide competition standard gape. A great looking

Hends Bl 200

The Hends model 200 BL fly hook is designed for Nymphs and Wet Flies. A perfect hook for small streamers, Wolly Buggers, large May Flies and Stone Flies. Round bent.

Hends BL 400

The Hends model 400 BL fly hook is designed for Dry Flies, Emergers and Parachute patterns. Round bent. Down-eye Fine wire. Short shank. Forged. Barbless. Color: Black Nickle. Box: 25  

Hends BL 404

The Hends model 404 BL fly hook is designed for Dry Flies, Emergers and Parachute patterns. Round bent. Down-eye Fine

Hends BL 514

The BL 514 is a modern hook for tying very effective emergers and nymphs – for example caddis pupas or

Hends BL 550

Hends BL550 Barbless Fly Hooks. Curved light hooks perfect for nymphs, pupae and emerger fly patterns. Features:   – Curved shank

Hends Blend Dubbing Fluo Dark Pink

Hare and Rabbit fur blended with sparkle, super fine diameter fibers. Used in all type nymph and wet fly bodies.

Hends Body Quills


This Mylar-tinsel flat synthetic material is best used for midge bodies, tips, heads and also as ribbing and is great for dry fly bodies.

Spool: 24 yds.

Hends Body Quills Multicolour


This new and popular fly tying material is great because the multicolour aspect lends itself to tying the entire body using a single fibre.

Spool 24 yds

Hends Brass Cone heads

Brass Cone Heads are an important part of streamers. It gives weight and colour to the streamer.   Packs of

Hends Buzzer Body

Hends Buzzer Body Thread is a special thread special developed for making buzzers. It is easy and fun to use it because everybody will tie nice and fast buzzers For those who love tying small nymphs and hot spot nymph this material is fantastic for making those hot spots called also trigger points for fish.

Hends CDC 1 Gram Pack

CDC is a fantastic product which no fly tier should be without

Hends CDC 25 pc pack

This CDC products is something no tier should be without.

Hends CDC Gel

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Hends CDC Gel is a natural and unique product used to treat to improve the floatability. This gel is made

Hends Cheek

These are narrow strips of coloured foils, from which we make small details on flies that increase a visibility of

Hends Coloured Wire 0.14

Colored wires are very useful when tying many fly patterns. It can be used for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies and dubbing brushes.