Devaux Indicator Stickers

Floating self-adhesive indicator to be placed on the leader. Very practical and quick to use, it will allow you to

Traper Drop Bite Indicators

Foam aerodynamically shaped strike indicators. Buoyant and highly visible. Easy to attach and remove from leader. Easy to move up and down leader to adjust line depth. Will not kink or damage leader line.

Traper GST Bi-Colour Indicator

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Japanese, competition line with very high parameters. It is characterized by extraordinary softness and stretchiness, which ensures a safe and successful haul. Very clear, cut off transitions between the two fluo colors - yellow and pink - make the line perfectly visible regardless of the light and the weather. Perfect for the string method.

Traper Oval Strike Indicators

The assembly of the strike indicator can be attached to any point on the leader and just as easily removed again. This works without having to remove the fly. Available in Orange & Yellow

Hanak Bicolour Indicator

Two-coloured fluo leader for making strike indicators. 30m in length. In two sets of colours Fluo Orange/Yellow. Fluo Yellow/Black

Hanak Tricolour Indicator

Brand New three-coloured fluo leader for making strike indicators. Hot Fluo Yellow/black/red-pink. Length 30m

Hends Competition Bicolour Indicator

Each pack contains five indicators of 40cm length. Each highly visible indicator has three colours: Fluoro red, black and fluoro yellow. Available

Nymph Starter Pack

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Handmade Nymphing Leader Shogun Tippet, Waterproof Fly box with 20 assorted nymphs and neon wax. This pack consists of products

Skafar Spiral Indicator Mix

Spiral indicator for Nymph Fishing. Floats superbly, high visibility, ideal for French nymphing and long line micronymphs. Made by Mirko

Soldarini Camou Line

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Soldarini's Camou Line is the perfect monofilament to tie your own leaders. Due to its low stretch, high resistance and a total memory absence there'll be no curls in the leader anymore and you have a more direct connection to your fly.

Soldarini Czech Nymph Drop Indicator

Resin drop indicator buoyant, very sensitive and suitable for short techniques nymphing. The number of drops helps increase accuracy in

Soldarini Microspiral Indicator

New nymph leader where colors are marked every 5-8 cm of orange-yellow fluorescent colors.  Leader is totally memory free.

Soldarini Two Tone Indicator Line

Latest generation two toned monofilament, designed to be used as strike indicator and great for all nymph fishing techniques.

Soldarini Two Tone Indicator Line Super High Visible

Tightline nymphing techniques (e.g. 'French Nymphing' or more generalized 'Euro Nymphing') don't require traditional strike indicators swimming on the surface. Otherwise, the nymph close to the bottom would be dragged and accelerated unnaturally.

Stonfo Foam Strike Indicators

Strike indicators in fluorescent yellow and orange adhesive foam. Easy to apply and repositionable on the tippet. Size 2 20

Stonfo Interchangeable Line Marker

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Interchangeable line marker ideal for trout fishing in torrents. Colors: yellow and fluorescent orange. Size 3 10mm