Devaux Chestpack Kowa Olfish

Devaux Chest Pack Kowa Olfish combines comfort, lightness and efficiency. It was designed for fishermen and can carry all the equipment needed

Mikado Hip Pack Fishing Belt

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Perfect choice for active anglers that seamlessly merges mobility, capacity and modern look. Large main compartment will fit boxes, accessories

Mini Chest Pack

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Color: light yellow and grey color Main pocket size: 20 x 13 x 5cm (7.87″ x 5.12″ x 1.97″) Front

Traper Active Chestpack

Chestpack Active consists of two elements – a backpack and a bag. The backpack has a large lockable compartment, a mesh

Traper Eva Cable Basket – Stripping Baske

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Professional stripping basket designed for shore or boat fishing. The basket is made of EVA foam. It has a semi-open design, drainage holes and flexible spikes permanently connected to the bottom. It is extremely light and durable. It fastens with an adjustable belt. Quantity:  4

Umpqua Bandolier Sling Pack Olive

If you believe in keeping it simple, the Bandolier is a minimalist’s dream-come-true. Comfortably holds two fly boxes in the

Umpqua Steamboat 1200 Sling Pack Olive

The Steamboat ZS2 sling carries like a fully-supported backpack leaving your line-of-sight and range-of-motion free up front. Perfect for spey

Soldarini RCX Compact Chest Pack

Compact pouch with great capacity to wear on the belt or to be used over the shoulder like a normal

Soldarini RCX Double Competition Chest Pack

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The RCX DOUBLE COMPETITION CHEST PACK by soldarini fly tackle is equipped with numerous pockets and smart tool tabs that

Soldarini RCX Soft Hip Pack

It is a spacious chest and waist bag with great features. First of all, it offers very versatile and extensive

Traper Voyager Chestpack

Seven zippered pockets main pockets with compartments · two zingers for accessories · foam for flies in the stiffened pocket

Umpqua ZS2 Overlook 500 Chest Pack

Neck strain and visibility are always a compromise with chest packs. The Overlook resolves both with a 4-point harness attachment

Umpqua ZS2 Rock Creek Chest Pack

Roack Features: • 4-Point harness attachment for all-day comfort • 2 x ZS Retractor Stations – with hypalon attachment bands