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SPRO Ctec Pannet Net

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Ultra soft 6mm mesh pan net, ideal to help land those small white fish... 50x40x30cm.

Spro Kraft 3 All Round 40 Rod

3 Kraft AR40 are built for strength. This high quality all round rod range is built with 36+40T parabolic blanks providing a huge backbone.

Spro Powercatcher Minnow 65

Slow Floating and with a diving depth of up to 1m. This classic minnow shaped lure is well balanced with a short swimming lip.

Spro Spartan 5000RD Spin Reel

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Spartan Spin - 1 Ball bearing - Graphite body and rotor - S-curve oscillation system - Graphite spool with monofilament line - Balanced rotor and handle - Fine adjust multi-disc rear drag system

Spro Barrel Swivel & Interlock Snap

Cassic swivel, which can be opened fast and easy. Perfect for fishing with natural baits etc.   Size 6  18kg

Spro Black Barrel Swivels

High Breaking Strengths and top nudge materials for the avid angler in every discipline. The main advantage of fishing swivels

Spro Black Crossline Swivel

These cross swivels or T-swivels from Spro are not only very stable, but also versatile. They are particularly useful if you B.

Spro Black Rolling Swivel

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Spin fishing does simply not work without barrel swivels. Whether it is to connect your bite leader with the main

Spro Catfish Oval Float 150gr

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A high quality catfish float that includes an antenna which can be replaced with a 4. 5mm glowstick.

Spro Ctec Scales

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22kg/50lb A handy scales with tape measure

Spro Fluoro Carbon Leader

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Very high worthy ‘hi-flex’ and nearly invisible fluorocarbon leaders. Ideal for trolling with large plugs. 80lb Breaking Strain 50cm Length

Spro Heat Shrink Tube 2mm

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Perfect for covering sleeves, knots and loops when making predatory fish leaders. The shrink tube prevents tangles and protects the line

Spro Oval Float 25gr

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Oval pike float from Spro for fishing for pike with natural bait. Top red part for good visibility at distances

Spro Oval Pike Float

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Oval pike float from Spro for fishing for pike with natural bait. Top red part for good visibility at distances

Spro Salt Leader

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A highly durable leader made in Japan. This heavy monofilament is almost invisible underwater and acts as the ideal buffer

SPRO Salt’X Boat & Surf STX BS 6000 Reel

  • 2 ball bearings
  • One-way clutch
  • S-Curve oscillation
  • 4.1:1 gear ratio
  • 255m / 0.4mm spool capacity
  • Aluminium main spool

Spro Titanium Wire 1X7

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Length 50cm, dia 0.56mm with breaking strain 27kg/60lb. Spro 1×7 Titanium Matte Black Leader Wire is a 1×7 Titanium Pike

Spro Trolling Float 20gr

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A great trolling float for pike fishing. As the line exits the float from an angle, it will clamp and