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Kinetic Double Stingers

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This stinger has 2 treble hooks on the wire. Mostly suitable for the bigger soft lures, but can also be used for dead bait.

Kinetic Pike Leaders

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Pike Leaders 5 pack

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Sabiki Makk Tube

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Glowing tubes and bead are the most used rig attractors. Good tubes are vital for your fishing and with this one rigging will be easy.

Kinetic Treble Hooks

Strong and reliable, the Kinetic Treble Hooks are constructed of strong high-carbon steel for exceptional durability, so you can fish with complete confidence.


Mikado´s Sea Set Simple Boom Rig 0,60 mm, systems for creating sea sets armed with 2 hooks.
  • Diameter (mm): 0,60

Mikado Sensual Offset Big Eye Hooks

An incredibly strong, sharp offset hook. The large ring makes it easy to use with a cheburashka as additional weight. 5 pcs per pack

WSB Sliding float stops

A neat practical float stop for fixing sliding float rigs.

Allcock Premium Barbed Snap Tackle

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Premium quality snap tackle, two barbed trebles of same size with a wire trace and end swivel for easy attachment.

Behr Anti Tangle Booms

The Behr Anti Tangle Boom is a universal, curved anti tangle boom for bottom and feeder fishing. Available in Silver

Behr Clear Flat Runner 8g

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Behr Clear Flat Runner – Clear float with an inner slider for Perch, Pike, Zander, Trout and Salmon fishing.  Red

Behr Shot Dispensers

Split shot for summer Behr the practical Dispenser Pack of container Comes in 120g 5 way pack with 2 x

Behr Silicone Tubing

1 m silicone tube in the selected diameter. It’s very versatile. It works great as a bar tool for making

Behr Split Cork Float 6cm

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Behr Split Cork Float.  Traditional pike float made from natural Portuguese cork, split with a white target top, tapered slider

Breakaway Impact Leads

The aerodynamic design of the Impact lead helps put your bait out to the maximum distance and the wire formation keeps you there, where the fish are.

Breakaway Short Tail Leads

Holds across the tide with the wires locked into the recesses by the nylon rollers when fishing, but folds back on the strike, making the retrieval easier on tackle and fish.

Buldo Bubble Floats

Buldo bubble floats, two metal eyed fixing points and two plastic filling points.  Add some water to use for long distance or empty for high buoyancy. Size 2 30mm 15g

Coraflux Slider Float 90g

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Coraflux Slider Float 90g

Cox & Rawle Powerfast Baitholder Hook

Designed for fish or worm baits, with bait retaining barbs on the shank. Heavy wire with offset to ensure you

Dennett Black Japanned Aberdeen Hook

A strong long shank bait hook with great point penetration. The round bend and long shank are great for baits like worms and sand eels. 10 Hooks per Pack Available in sizes 4/0 & 3/0
  • Straight Eye
  • Barbed End
  • Sand eel and rag worm

Dennett Fluo Lumi Beads

  • Fluo-colour rubber beads
  • Place one of them over the hook eye or add more beads on the rig close to the hook, for better fish attraction
  • Suitable for all types of fishing
  • 100 per pack
  • size 6mm
  • Available in Black, Yellow & Orange

Dennett Snap Tackle

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Dennett Snap tackle 40cm long. With 30lb coated multi strand stainless steel trace complete with two crimped strong barbed treble hooks.

Dinsmore Pike Inline Float Kit

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The Dinsmore Syndicate Pike Inline Float Kit 20g is a handy piece of kit for float fishing for Pike. These floats feature an inline float ,2 Semi Barbed Trebles on wire trace and rubber stops for rigging.