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Dennett Bait Elastic

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Hold your soft baits onto your hook with a few turns of bait elastic.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Flash-A-Boo Rigs

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Flash-A-Boo 3 hook rigs hook sizes 2 to cover Mackerel.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Hokkai Rigs

3 hook hokkai rigs hook sizes 4/0 to cover Pollack and Codling 3 per pack

Dennett Saltwater Pro Lumi Green Tubing

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This rig tubing is great. All colours are “Glow-in-the-Dark” and the tubing is nice and flexible. Lovely for enhancing your saltwater rigs.

Dennett Saltwater Pro Luminous Eel Rigs

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Luminous Eel with red feather rigs hook sizes 3/0 to cover Mackerel and Pollack

Jarvis Walker Eezy Zip Running Clips

Eezi Rig Sinkers are made of stainless steel for years of successful use. Blue Large 4 pcs per pack. Red Small 5 pcs per pack.

Kali Kunnan Bait Elastic

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Great for holding baits to hooks for better presentation. 0.26mm 250m

Kali Kunnan Fluo Roto Swivel

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Rolling turnstile with line pin and phosphor beads for all types of bass mounts Packet: 6 units Size Small S/6

Kinetic Baitholder Single Hook

The hook is the last link between success and failure. We have selected some really good hooks for you. Japanese

Kinetic Double Stingers

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This stinger has 2 treble hooks on the wire. Mostly suitable for the bigger soft lures, but can also be used for dead bait.

Kinetic Long Shank Single Hook

  • A classic well proven long shank hook. Loved by anglers all over the world and feared by most fish.
    • Japanese design
    • Chemical sharpened
    • Extreme needle point
    • Perfect stiffness
    • Anti-corrosion treatment

Kinetic Pike Leaders

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Pike Leaders 5 pack

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Sabiki Makk Tube

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Glowing tubes and bead are the most used rig attractors. Good tubes are vital for your fishing and with this one rigging will be easy.

Kinetic Treble Hooks

Strong and reliable, the Kinetic Treble Hooks are constructed of strong high-carbon steel for exceptional durability, so you can fish with complete confidence.

Mikado Jaws Predator Snap

A top quality spinning snap, that stands out with its high durability provided by application of a hi-class, resilient wire.

Mikado Jaws Screw Micro Spiral

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Micro-spiral for soft lures. A great solution for small and medium-sized lures, made of soft silicone, where application of a

Mikado Jaws Swivels

Double, triple and quadruple, professional swivels allowing to create stingers for soft lures. Available in various lengths and two durability versions. They perfectly match the new EVO stinger series.

Mikado Pin for Lures – Soft Jaws 38mm

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Pin in pike soft lure arming systems prevents damage of the lure during predator hauling. It works perfectly well also

Mikado Pins for Lures Evo Spike

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Carefully profiled pins, made of stainless wire, that protect the stinger from falling out of the soft lure. Arming system


Mikado´s Sea Set Simple Boom Rig 0,60 mm, systems for creating sea sets armed with 2 hooks.
  • Diameter (mm): 0,60

Mikado Sensual Offset Big Eye Hooks

An incredibly strong, sharp offset hook. The large ring makes it easy to use with a cheburashka as additional weight. 5 pcs per pack

Mikado Sensual Snap Spinning No. 3

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Size no 3 Full range of swivels, snaps and snap-swivel systems. Our range caters for everyone. Wide array of types

Mikado Sensual Split Ring

Our range caters for everyone. Wide array of types and sizes allows to choose a perfect product for a selected method of angling.