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Custom Hampers

We will build a custom hamper to suit you and your budget. Choose from one of the options below or

Flyfishing World by Lubos Roza

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The book is not only about flyfishing competitions. It is a book about my fishing life and the stories which changed my life. The book contains many important details, tips and tricks to make your flyfishing better. I put everything I know into this book and I believe it will appeal to beginners and seasoned anglers alike....anyhow, it was enough to become a world champion.

Piscari-Fly Dry-X Hamper

Dry-X spray, Gel, powder, Fuller’s earth mud, fly box and sticker.

Devaux DVX Izi Kit

Original price was: €188.00.Current price is: €165.00.
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For starters. The Devaux DVX Izi fly fishing kit for beginners with a semi-parabolic action rod. It is available in three lengths

Piscari Nymph Selection Boxes

A selection box contains a mix of nymphs in different sizes and colours. All personally hand tied. Boxes can be

Piscari Perdo Nymph Tying Kit

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A Perfect nymph fly tying kit.. carefully selected to tie  100+ Peridgon style nymphs that catch fish…ALL materials included and

Premium Fly-Tying Kit

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A Premium Fly-Tying kit to suit all your fly-tying needs. This kit will cover you for all fly tying assortments

Premium Nymphing Kit

Syndicate Rod, Ultralite reel, Dohiku Nymphing Line, Handmade Knotted Leader, Shogun Tippet, Waterproof fly box with 50 assorted nymphs and

Spider/ Wet Flies Selection Box

Box of 106 spiders/ river wet flies ideal for brown trout fishing €175.00 including the waterproof fly box. Or get the large box with 168 flies for €255.00. Please allow up to 10 days for this box to be constructed as all our flies are personally hand tied to order to ensure the quality of the fly and its ability to catch you fish.. But we will endeavor to get it out as fast as possible

Standard Dry Dropper Set-Up

Dry dropper is perfect method for locating fish and their feeding zones on particular times of the day or season. You can cover more area of the river also with a distanced approach for stealth and approach.

Standard Nymphing Kit

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Traper Speed Rod 10foot 3wt, Baetis Piles reel, Piscari-fly premium Nymphing Line, Spanish Knotted Nymphing Leader, Shogun Tippet, Waterproof fly

Starter Euro-Nymphing Kit

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A complete Kit to get you started and out on the water to take into Euro-Nymphing. Perfect kit if starting

Still Water Selection Box.

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Still Water Selection Box includes 50 flys. A perfect box for fishing still water locations for stocked rainbow and brown trout during winter months but can also be used all year long. This selection box includes a vast range of fly's to cover all scenarios including flies such as Buzzers, Streamers, Minkies, Worms , Bungs, Boobies, Fabs, Blobs etc.