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Devaux Lancette Pardo

Superb Pardo rooster feathers of extraordinary quality. These feathers are ideal for making tails, nymphs and dry flies as well

Ewing Rooster Saddles #1

Ewing Grizzly Saddles give your streamer patterns the realistic barring they need to attract fish .

Piscari Natural Muskrat Zonker

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Muskrat Zonker Strips make the perfect streamer or predator fly. The narrow strips of short, soft hair make them irresistible.

Piscari Pine Squirrel Skin

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Veniard Boar Bristles

Great for feelers, eye stalks, antenna and other appendages
Quantity 5 pcs

Veniard Goose Biot Strips

Great for cheeks on buzzers. Available as individual dyed colours or mixed assorted colours or mixed fluorescent colours.

Veniard Hare Mask

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Anyone who ties flies will have used hare fur. The mask offers lots of hair in slightly different shades.

Veniard Mixed Bucktail

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6 pieces of mixed bucktail colours: black, blue, orange, red, white and yellow.

Veniard Patagonian Hare’s Feet

The harsh climate of Patagonia requires very long and coarse hair. Therefore, the fur of the Patagonian hare is an outstanding dubbing material for tying nymphs, wet and dry flies. Furthermore, due to its length, it can also be used for making dubbing loops that will definitely lead to superb results.  

Veniard Whole Bucktail

Quality whole Bucktails which have a huge variety of uses and is the standard winging material for large Streamers, Salmon and Saltwater.

Contiflies Turkey Biot Quills

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Turkey Biot Quill is the perfect material to dress segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emerger.

Contiflies White Tipped Turkey Tail

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The large size of Turkey feathers permits the tying of large traditional salmon patterns. The speckled feathers is the correct wing material for the famous original Muddler Minnow, while. the range of Turkey coloration lends itself to sedge wings, stonefly and other wing cases, grass hoppers etc.

Ewing Hen Saddles

Thanks to their soft and yet durable stems, these feathers are the perfect soft hackles. Therefore, they are a great choice for tying salmon flies, sea trout flies and all kinds of trout streamers.

Piscari Peacock Swords

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Peacock sword is a brilliant green iridescent material that can be tied into many nymph and streamer patterns.

Hends Black Hen Capes

Hends Hen Capes are soft and used mostly for tying spiders, emergers and lake lures. Feathers are not long, have naturally soft barbs and represent good value.

Piscari Knotted Pheasant Tails

Perfect Natural knotted Pheasant tails. Used for hoppers, Dabblers and other emerger flys on lakes and Bank venues. Among other fantastic fly patterns.

Piscari Mallard Neck Feather Devaux Brown

Mallard Neck Feathers are popular in tying world due to main color which is brown. On some feathers small light cream spots are present . The feathers suits perfect for making wings for sedge flies.

Piscari Mallard Wing Butcher Blue

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Mallard Duck Wing Quills Blue White Tip (Butcher Blues) - As used for the wing on the Butcher fly. 8 per pack

Piscari Peacock Herl

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Peacock Herl is a very common material used in thousands of modern and traditional patterned flies, very good quality with plenty of flue.