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Traper Blast Rod

The 30T blank, having perfect curve and strength parameters is solid base of the rod. The rod is equipped with SN Hard Chrome guides. SN type guides are light and not overload blank. Thanks to it you can cast without effort. The rod handle is built with cork AA class, oxidized aluminum, the same colour as the blank, the reel seat fasten on carbon fiber sleeve. Come complete with durable cordura tube. The rod has got 2 year service warranty.

Airflo Airlite V2 13ft 8/9 Fly Rod

The Airlite V2 has been built with premium graphite blanks that deliver maximum durability, strength and light weight for effortless casting. The super smooth and powerful action gives you full control when casting, allowing you to achieve exceptional distance.

Airflo Super Stik 2 Competition Rod

If you’re looking for a rod that can do everything from fishing dry flies on light tippets, to hauling out

Cortland’s Competition MKII Nymph 11ft 3 WT – NEW

Original price was: €472.00.Current price is: €350.00.
Cortland’s Competition MKII Nymph Fly Rods Built using carbon fiber of military grade modulus and resins, these rods have been designed and built

CTS AFFINITY 9ft 6 inch – 1WT – As new Condition

Original price was: €550.00.Current price is: €280.00.
The Affinity pedigree is unmatched – it’s our cornerstone fly rod series, as a result of its superior design, engineering and materials. A single VeroCore™ helical spiral is at the core of each 100% uni-directional carbon fibre (graphite) Affinity X fly rod blank. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way of maintaining cross-section stability during bending, therefore creating a fly rod that is more responsive and more sensitive. This is not only apparent when casting, but also when fighting a fish and even when setting the hook. Feel the difference with a CTS carbon fly rod blank.

Greys GR70 Streamflex 11ft #4 4pc – New

Original price was: €330.00.Current price is: €200.00.
Condition – New Original Description The most recent rods in the award-winning Streamflex series cover every river angler’s needs with

Hardy Graphite Salmon Fly Deluxe 15’ 4″ 3 Piece Rod Line #10 Spey & Overhead Casting

Original price was: €300.00.Current price is: €220.00.
Maker: Hardy Model: Graphite Salmon Fly Deluxe Approximate year of manufacture: 1990s Condition: Fine Material: Graphite Length/ diameter: 15′ 4″

Mikado MLX Grayling Fly Rod

FLY MLX GRAYLING 9’ #4 – subtle rods perfectly suitable for dry fly and nymph fishing. The action of these poles is a combination of delicate work, so much needed for dry fly presentation, and appropriate dynamics necessary to give the line the required speed and to facilitate the reaching of the expected distance.

Piscari Venator 10’6 #2 Nymphing Rod

Discover the ultimate nymphing experience with the Piscari Fly Venator rod. Engineered for precision and performance, this rod is a game-changer for fly anglers. Unleash your potential on the water and elevate your nymphing technique with the Venator. Learn more about its features and how it can enhance your fly fishing adventures
Introducing the Piscari Fly Venator: Your Purpose-Built Nymphing Companion
Elevate your nymphing game with the all-new Piscari Fly Venator rod. Meticulously crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the Venator is designed to meet the specific demands of nymphing enthusiasts.
Built with high-performance materials and expert craftsmanship, the Venator offers unparalleled sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the subtlest strikes with ease. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures effortless casting and precise control, giving you the confidence to tackle any nymphing scenario.
Equipped with strategically placed guides and a responsive tip section, the Venator delivers unmatched accuracy and line control, enabling you to present your flies with pinpoint precision. Whether you're tightlining in fast-flowing rivers or delicately presenting nymphs in still waters, this rod is your go-to tool for success.
  • Custimised Slimline handle for better sensitivity and detection.
  • EVA Foam Butt for rod protection, weight balance and after sales value.
  • First primary guide from handle is 6inchs away to prevent line slap, enhance control and contact for the angler.
  • 20cm compeition fish marker.
  • Snake eye guides in tip section to prevent line lap.
  • Fast recovery tip section, yet offering fantastic tippet protection in setting your strike.
If you choose to buy a Venator rod, you will have a limited life time warrenty with us here at Piscari-Fly. If the rod is faulty in anyway due manfactures fault we will replace the rod or section at no cost. If you break or damage the rod or its components, we will replace the section / rod at a manafactures costing. As ever feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions before deciding to buy, but you wont be dissapointed.

Shakespeare 9′ Atlantis Salt water 3 piece rod line #10 – new condition

A nice example just in of the Atlantis Salt model 1751.271. Very popular rods with good all through action for

Syndicate Aquos 9 foot 5wt – Ex-Demo

Original price was: €490.00.Current price is: €320.00.
AQUOS Series Fly Rods The AQUOS series of fly rods are designed and engineered to cover a variety of water,

Syndicate Reaver 10 foot 2 wt – Ex Demo

Original price was: €799.00.Current price is: €550.00.
Finally, a nymphing rod that was built from seat to tip with nymphing in mind. The Reaver rod was not built to play any games, it was built to change the game of Euro style, and tight line nymphing

Traper Black Pike Rod

Specialist rod for pike and other large predators. Thanks to use of the strength blank C40T the rod has good curve bend and dynamics.

Traper Guide Quill Rod

he TRAPER GUIDE series of rods has been designed and made of the highest quality Japanese carbon fiber with a unique Toray Carbon 46T+50T weave.

Vision Switch Hero Flyrod 11´2” #7

Original price was: €440.00.Current price is: €330.00.
Vision Hero are incredibly good looking and affordable fly rods in different weights. Models covering everything from trout fishing to

Ritz Fly Rod


The perfect rod for anyone starting out euro-nymphing or looking to start out. From a young angler getting into fishing or someone looking to give euro-nymphing a try and get a rod kit that will get them started without breaking the bank.The Ritz rod comes in two weight options from a 10foot 2 weight to a 10foot 3 weight. A soft to medium action rod, perfect for all styles of euro nymphing. These rods can be used for dry fly & dry dropper set ups also with the correct line weight to match the rod.

The Ritz rod comes with a spare tip section included in the price.

The Ritz rod come without a rod tube. Rod tubes in stock.

All Ritz fly rods are 10foot long.

Airflo Delta Classic Trout Rods

Available in 10′ #6/7 weighting 5.04oz and 9′ #5/6 weighing 4.16oz   Our award winning Delta Classic fly rods have

Airflo Fly Fishing Kits

Massively popular this Airflo Fly Fishing Kit fishing rod's light weight also makes this kit perfect for introducing youngsters to fly fishing.

Airflo Super Stik II Fly Rods

Using the latest in cutting edge carbon technology, high quality fittings and great cosmetics, the MK11 is more responsive than the original and features a composite/cork handle for superior grip.With a subtle olive finish, SUPER STIK MK11 is available in lengths and actions that cover almost every single-hand situation, from small stream to traditional loch style from a drifting boat

Devaux DVX Izi Kit

Original price was: €188.00.Current price is: €155.00.
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For starters. The Devaux DVX Izi fly fishing kit for beginners with a semi-parabolic action rod. It is available in three lengths

Devaux DVX T36 Rods

Progressive action. This new Devaux DVX T36 with HMX36 carbon blank is a pleasant and versatile fly rod. The progressive action makes

Devaux Magnet Rod Holder

Magnet Rodcar brand Devaux. Magnetic accessory to fix along the car. Allows you to put your rod on hold and

Piscari Magnet Rod Holder

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Magnetic accessory to attach alongside the car to put your rod on hold and in safety, whilst gearing up for

Predator Pike Setups

Two perfect setups ideal for predator fishing for Pike. Both set ups are identical. With the choice of rod to gear yourself with to striking some big game fish. You the customer have the option of a; Syndicate Aquos Fly Rod (this premium rod is perfected for saltwater fishing also) Or Airflo Super Stick MkII Both rods are 10 foot in length. With this set up after choosing your rod of choice you have the following: Airflo Black Switch Reel with 4 additional cassettes. 3 x pike flies of choice 100m spool of Amnesia Monofilament Kamasan Spin Link 20lb Sakuma stainless Steel hook snaps. Line of choice. Please note that option of weight under Super Stik MkII. If you choose a 7weight this is a 6/7wt rod. If you choose 8 weight then this is a 7/8 weight. ONLY FOR SUPER STIK ROD CHOICE.