Hends Buzzer Body

Hends Buzzer Body Thread is a special thread special developed for making buzzers. It is easy and fun to use it because everybody will tie nice and fast buzzers For those who love tying small nymphs and hot spot nymph this material is fantastic for making those hot spots called also trigger points for fish.

Hends Twist Thread

Top quality fly tying thread in fabulous colours.   100 yard spools

Hends UV Neon Thread

A great quality single strand thread in fluorescent color designed for creating various fly effects as coloured bodies, tops, heads or ribbing.  

Hends UV Neon Thread Set

A great quality single strand set of 12 threads in fluorescent color designed for creating various fly effects as coloured bodies, tops, heads or ribbing.

Piscari Super Fine & Strong Tying Thread

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This tying thread is super strong and super fine, perfect for tying all types of flies and adds great strength

Semperfli Nano Silk

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. Being so super strong and available in such a variety of colors

Semperfli Perdigon Body

Semperfli Perdigon Body material has been specially designed for creation of perfect small perdigon flies It is soft yet strong enough to use on a tying bobbin for easy build up of body.

Semperfli Waxed Thread 8/0 240 yards

Fly tying needs great threads. Made from continuous strands of modern manufactured polyester for maximal strength and minimal cost. Pre-waxed and ready to use with dubbing, fur and feather.

Sybai Body Thread

A super quality single strand floss. Very strong for its diameter. Is used primarily for under body and external body areas. In a large variety of shades Packaged as spools. Spool: 100 yds.

Sybai Mono Thread

Mono Thread is excellent for bonefish patterns, scuds, shrimps and much more. We offer several size in 4 colours. It's great for translucent streamer heads.

Sybai UVR Thread

UV Reflective Thread
  • High intensity, vibrant colours
  • Ideal for tying tails, tags and hot spots
  • 100m (109 yds)
  • 25 x 30 mm + secure caps, 7 mm round center hole

Tommi Fly Camouflage Thread

Camouflage thread is a specially developed body thread that serves to mimic real flies. The yarn has a flat structure with

Tommi Fly Micro Bright Yarn

Special body and binding thread. A very attractive feature of this thread is its natural gloss, which is not replaced by

Tommi Fly Twisted Bright Yarn


The already excellent thread has become even better. Thanks to the twist, the thread has a circular cross-section, overall thinner and more compact.

It can be used both for tying flies and for ringing or tying beautiful bodies.

Tommi Fly UV Camouflage Thread

The fly tying thread is made of synthetic polymers, suitable for creating artificial fly bodies. Its typical feature is a

Tommi Fly UV Reflective thread packs of 32

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DELIGHTED to now be stocking Tommi-Fly UV Reflective Threads, I have been using these threads for several years and find

Tommi Fly UV Reflective Thread- Set of 12

Set of 12 basic colors at a discounted price in a plastic blister. Binding, ringing and highlighting thread, specific properties. The

Tommi Fly UV Reflective Tying Thread

I have been using these threads for several years and find them fantastic, ideal for Nymphs, Perdigons, small dries and lots more. They come in a great range of colours.

WISP Microfine Thread

Extremely fine and strong for tying the smallest of flies. A complement to the well established COBWEB, WISP is lightly