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Fly Co Krinkle Mirror Flash

Another version of the best seller mirror flash, the krinkled surface exaggerates the already highly reflective surface.

H20 Slinky Fibre – White

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It is a great substitute for any pattern tied with bucktail. It is most durable and will last longer than

Piscari Streamer Fibre

Piscari's Streamer Fibre is a synthetic material for tying realistic looking baitfish style fly patterns

Piscari Translucent Squirmy Worms

Great New Translucent Material for tying your Squirmy Worm flies. 10 pieces in each pack.  6 colours available.

Tommi Fly UV Chenille

Suitable for tying streamers, nymphs and dry flies. Chenille is not round, but flat, which is great for creating worms, which get a corkscrew shape and work great in water.

Veniard UV Egg Chenille

Translucent Fibres with added UV flash, perfect for full bodied blob type patterns Available in Black, Bleached White, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Med Olive & Sunburst Yellow

Veniard UV Tail

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UV tail and wing material, ideal for blobs, lures, streamers

Fly Co Mirror Flash

This flash has a lightly grooved surface wrap which gives a great effect as it helps to make the flash shine even more. perfect for grassy water or night fishing

Hends Body Glass Half Round Micro

Original price was: €2.50.Current price is: €1.50.
Half round translucent flexible material. Used for wound bodies or ribbing. Very useful for tying nymph, shrimp and midge bodies. Pack: 2,3 m (2,5 yds.).

Hends EZ Body Tubing

Original price was: €2.40.Current price is: €1.50.
Hends EZ Body Tubing is 5mm in diameter and great for making streamer bodies etc. I also use this material to make Sand Eel patterns for Sea Bass fishing,

Hends Fish Heads

Original price was: €2.20.Current price is: €1.20.
Transparent Fish Heads are ultralight fish heads used on freshwater / saltwater streamer patterns. Realistic head profile made of strong

Hends Microchenille Cactus 1mm

Original price was: €2.20.Current price is: €1.50.
Hends Microchenille Cactus 1 mm. Hends Microchenille is a very fine chenille, just 1 mm wide. Best to use for

Soldarini Wormstasy Chenille

Wormstasy Chenille is the perfect material for tying extremely effective worm imitations. This light chenille material will move very temptingly in the water – even in a slow current.

Virtual Nymph Flexi Body

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Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body is used widely on a lot of nymph patterns. Thicker than Wapsi Thin Skin so it forms more pronounced segments on your nymph patterns when wound around the hook shank.

Wapsi Foam Blocks

Foam is an extremely bouyant material that just keeps floating. The closed cell foam construction can be cut and tied to mimic the different anatomical parts of many different fly and larvae species.

Piscari Adhesive Synthetic Foil

Original price was: €2.00.Current price is: €1.00.
An adhesive fine diameter synthetic foil perfect for tying Perdigone nymph bodies, flash back bodies for your Nymphs & wet flys. Buzzers & Tags for dry flys and much much more.

Piscari Gel Core Fritz 15mm

Gel Core Fritz 15mm is built on a new Gel Core that strongly binds the fibres, meaning it does not

Chewing Gum Chenille

Chenille is a universal material for quick and easy tying of bodies. To do this, the strand is first fixed

Piscari Egg Chenille

The Egg Chenille Blob provides your flies with a very tempting appearance. It is the perfect material for tying the popular and extremely effective blob fly and other egg patterns.

Flashabou Lateral Scale

Hedron's best selling durable salt-water cut Flashabou pimped and crimped for a scaled look and fluttering action. Each pack contains approximately 125 strands, 1/16" wide by 10" long.

Fly Co. Soft Flash – Purple

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Thin flexible soft tinsel with marabou-like action. Very popular as wing and tail material.

Fly Co. Sparkle Flash

Thin flexible tinsel with marabou-like action. Very popular as wing and tail material.