Veniard Boar Bristles

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Great for feelers, eye stalks, antenna and other appendages
Quantity 5 pcs

Veniard Whole Bucktail

Quality whole Bucktails which have a huge variety of uses and is the standard winging material for large Streamers, Salmon and Saltwater.

Wapsi Bucktail Medium

Top quality material, perfect for all of your fly tying needs. 1 tail per packet  

Piscari Deer Hair Zonker Strips

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Deer Hair Zonker Strips. 3mm thickness and 35cm in length. One strip per pack. Ideal for Minkies, zonkers, or thorax's as per photo above of a fly we tied on one of our recent Live fly-tying Saturday night shows. Very easy to work with and use.

Devaux Deer Hair

Highest quality deer hair. These hollow fibres allow great bouyancy and are being used more and more in modern flytying.

Devaux Extra Fine Deer Hair

Highest quality Devaux extra fine deer hair. These fine bristles are perfect for tying small dry hollow-haired flies.

Fly Co Deer Body Hair

Deer Body Hair fly tying hair in the natural colors can be used for wings, tails and collars. The dyed over

Hends Deer Hair

Hends deer hair is great for using on bodies of dry flies, heads of streamers and sedge enveloped bodies.

Mole Skin Natural

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This natural dark dun dubbing is really soft and dubs down very tight.

Piscari Arctic Fox Tail

High quality Arctic Fox Tail patch. Available in 13 colours. The fur is long which lends itself perfectly to natural movement. 1 piece per packet.

Piscari Bucktails Whole Large

Whole Bucktail expertly dyed. A very popular winging material for all types of flies.

Piscari Grey Fox Skin Patch

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A grey fox squirrel skin is a great way to get a variety of short, spikey and varying colors that

Piscari Natural Deer Hair

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Great quality deer hair for flytying.

Piscari Rabbit Hair Patch

Rabbit Patch Fly Fishing Tying Material For Nymph Patterns Flies.

Piscari Rabbit Zonker Strips

Rabbit zonker strips, ideal for all types of streamer departments.

Veniard Calf Tails

Veniard Calf Tail is used for making para post for wings. The kinky fibers are perfect for this purpose because are water proof in natural way and provide a great visibility during fishing time.

Veniard Deer Body Hair Dyed

Multi-coloured heads are possible with this superb dyed hair.

Veniard Deer Hair Natural

Veniard Deer Hair Natural. Great material for all your hairwing sedges, stimulators and compara duns!

Veniard Elk Body Hair

The required material for many caddis and wolf type patterns.