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Kamasan B110 Hooks

The Kamasan B110 Grubber Fly Hook is the same shape as the B100, but produced in a heavier gauge, and much stronger wire. They are superb fly tying hooks. The special loop bend gives life like shape to shrimps and grubs.

Kamasan B800 Size 10

Kamasan B800 hooks are a great hook for most trout flies, streamer, wet fly and nymphs, this hook fit them all.

Kamasan B980 Hooks

The Kamasan B980 Specimen Eyed 10-pack is a chemically sharpened single hook with a round hook bend. A strong and super

Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks

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Kamasan Needle Point Fish Hooks are excellent for holding bait as they have barbs along the shaft. 10 pcs per

Kamasan B100

25 in a Pack The Kamasan B100 fly hooks are superb fly tying hooks. Turned down eye, forged bend, medium

Kamasan B160

25 Pack, Fly hooks, are superb fly tying hooks. The Kamasan B160 is, bronze, heavy wire, forged 3x short shank. They have a wide gape and are suitable as buzzer, spider & nymph fly hooks.

Kamasan B170

The classic tried and tested hook for tying all sorts of wet flies, small nymphs and other flies requiring a lightweight yet sturdy hook.

Kamasan B175

25 Pack The Kamasan B175 fly hooks are superb fly tying hooks. The fly hook features include; turned down eye, bronze heavy wire, sproat bend.

Kamasan B180 Hook

Kamasan Fly Hooks are made from high quality carbon steel and are chemically etched to create an ultra-sharp point. The

Kamasan B280 Hooks

Each Kamasan hook is made from high carbon steel and chemically etched to create the sharp point. The hooks are

Kamasan B380

Kamasan B380 is treble salmon hook, with up eye. It has long shank and black finish. Low water, black finish

Kamasan B405

Kamasan B405 Round Bend – 25 Pack – Fly Hooks – Forged, turned down eye, bronzed, ex short shank. These

Kamasan B990

Kamasan B990 is very popular hook for tube flies. Hook has strong wire and bronze finish. Straight eye allow easy