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Devaux Amadou Leather Medium

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Devaux Amadou Medium Leather is a natural material which has the particularity of being completely hydrpophilic. It is unrivaledly effective

Flyfishing World by Lubos Roza

The book is not only about flyfishing competitions. It is a book about my fishing life and the stories which changed my life. The book contains many important details, tips and tricks to make your flyfishing better. I put everything I know into this book and I believe it will appeal to beginners and seasoned anglers alike....anyhow, it was enough to become a world champion.

Piscari A4 Competition Fly Box

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  • Size: 12.2''x8.86''x0.91'', exactly A4 paper.
  • Capacity: Extra Large - 720 slots.
  • Made from strong clarified PP, clear lids allow seeing all your flies, will float if dropped in the water, even in the process of turning the box over, it keeps them organized and handy.

Piscari Protective Rod Sleeve

Mesh Protective Rod Sleeve, ideal to protect rod from bumps and scratches and breakages when out and about fishing. Length

Piscari Spool Bands

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These handy little tenders keep your spools of tippet tidy and ready to use. We all know the frustration of tippets tangling up or abrasions to exposed tippets that may not be easily seen but can weaken the tippet at the most crucial time. 3 per pack

Piscari-Fly Dry-X Waterproofing for clothing

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Ideal to treat your jackets and clothing to ensure they stay waterproof for longer.

Traper Backing Line

Extremely flexible and durable dacron braided line fly fishing backing. Suitable length and strength for big fish comfortable fighting. Well fitted spool ensures flexible reel drag's working.

Traper Clip-On Magnifying Glasses

A great addition to your fishing gear.  Gives you the ability to tie on flies in any conditions.  Available in +2.0 and +2.5

Traper Liquid Holder

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The holder fits all liquid bottles available on the market. Manufactured in aluminum.

Traper PVC Bottle Holder

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Silicone holder purposed for keeping bottles with gel, grease and liquids.

Traper Silicon Mount

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Silicon mount is used for fixing bottles with gels, grease and liquids. Mount is equipped with snap. The size match with the most products on the market.

Traper Spool Dispenser

Dispenser for carrying spare spools with the hook length line. Light weight was achieved by high quality aluminium. The dispenser is lasting and does not deform. On the arm there are two rings attached which make that the spools do not split. It has got a comfortable snap for mounting.

Traper Zinger with Measuring Tape

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The zinger with 100 cm measuring tape. It has two mounting options: pocket clamp or snap.

Traper Zinger with snap

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The zinger with one snap for attaching accessories. It has reeled, spring line and swivel.

Wychwood Boat Seat

The Wychwood boat seat features compact, fold away design, so that it can easily stored and transported. It’s manufactured from

Dennett Ethafoam

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Sticky backed ethafoam to re-line your old fly boxes. 3mm x 27 cm x 84 cm approx

Devaux Caddy Holder

A handy accessory to hold your gink or zinket bottles or other items to your chest pack or vest.

Devaux Net measuring tape

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To measure the fish. The Devaux® Landing Net Meter is a tape measure to place on the landing net cable to measure your

Devaux O’Fly Clean’Line

Gel specially designed to maintain synthetic lines. It restores, cleans, increases glide and protects against UV.

Devaux O’Fly Float spray

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Sprayer to lubricate and permanently float all flies including duck bottoms (CDC). Comes with a caddy

Devaux O’Fly Float’Dry

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Powder to waterproof all flies to the point of making them unsinkable, essential for duck bottoms (CDC).