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Traper Backing Line

Extremely flexible and durable dacron braided line fly fishing backing. Suitable length and strength for big fish comfortable fighting. Well fitted spool ensures flexible reel drag's working.

Traper Clip-On Magnifying Glasses

A great addition to your fishing gear.  Gives you the ability to tie on flies in any conditions.  Available in +2.0 and +2.5

Traper Small Nippers

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A handy little gadget to have with your fishing accessories.

Dennett Ethafoam

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Sticky backed ethafoam to re-line your old fly boxes. 3mm x 27 cm x 84 cm approx

Devaux Caddy Holder

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A handy accessory to hold your gink or zinket bottles or other items to your chest pack or vest.

Devaux Net measuring tape

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To measure the fish. The Devaux® Landing Net Meter is a tape measure to place on the landing net cable to measure your

Devaux O’Fly Clean’Line

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Gel specially designed to maintain synthetic lines. It restores, cleans, increases glide and protects against UV.

Devaux O’Fly Float spray

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Sprayer to lubricate and permanently float all flies including duck bottoms (CDC). Comes with a caddy

Devaux O’Fly Float’Dry

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Powder to waterproof all flies to the point of making them unsinkable, essential for duck bottoms (CDC).

Kinetic CS Forceps Straight Nose

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Straight Nose 8.5" Forceps Blue/Black Kinetic carbon steel forceps help you handle a variety of on-the-water situations. Built-in scissors. Great for cutting lines and detaching hooks/flies. Comfortable anti-slip grip. Essential for safe hook removal.

Mikado Camping Lamp

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Camping light with a hanger and strong diodes spreading the light around to increase the visibility in a lit room. Powered with 4 x AA batteries.

Mikado Electronic Weighing Scales – 40kg

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The Electronic Fishing Scale from Mikado can weigh fish up to a maximum of 40kg. It features an On/Off Switch, a Unit button to change the weight and clear button

Mikado Filleting Knife Set

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A set of high quality, Japanese 440 stainless steel knives: 2 filleting knives (6 and 8 inch) with a specially profiled, soft and super sharp blade for perfect separation of the meat from the bone, a 5 inch boning knife with a serrated edge and a knife sharpener. All knives in the set have a non-slip handle and are packed in a practical case.

Mikado Universal Pliers

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Classic construction of black, versatile pliers allow both to cut lines and metal leaders; indents for sleeve clamping, special hook for connector ring opening and porous surfaces facilitating formation process of any metal angling accessories.

Piscari Dry X

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Piscari Fly Dry X – is a permanent Dry fly treatment.  It comes in a handy 50 ml pump spray

Stanley Classic Flask

Available in 2 sizes. The 1.9L bottle can hold an entire pot of coffee—or whatever else you may be drinking—keeping

Stonfo Knot Cover Black

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Rubber knot cover suitable for all types of fishing. Its biconical shape allows easy passing through rod guides. It is ideal for fly line-leader connection or for finishing of streamers and lures.

Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake

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The world’s best selling powder fly floatant. Great for drying and reconditioning flies. When your dry fly begins to sink,

Traper Accessory Lanyard

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The lanyard made of braided waterproof fabric. It has a bar for the spools with monofilament. There is also five swiveled snaps for accessories.

Traper Carp Cap Torch

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The perfect flashlight for every night trip. Flashlight equipped with 5 ultra bright LEDs. Highly energy-saving flashlight, thanks to which you will

Traper Expert Lamp

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Perfect handy carry lamp for bank fishing, beach fishing, pier fishing or from a boat. Given off a great light and long lasting.
  • 36 LEDS
  • POWER SUPPLY 4 x R20 (batteries not included).

Traper Floating Glasses Lanyard

Lanyard was made of soft EVA foam. It is covered elastic polyester. The double sliding ring is used for adjustment. For attachment frame of glasses is use soft, anti slip tubing. Thanks to the lanyard is floated so glasses are protected from sinking.

Traper Net Lanyard

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The spring line is equipped with a carabiner and a connecting ring. After stretching, the length is 1m.

Traper Slim Nippers

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Light nipper manufactured of Japanese stainless steel. The blades are positioned at angle for easier use. There is the sharp pin for cleaning the hooks eyes as well as the hole for snap.