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Piscari Flash Dubbing

Our New Flash synthetic dubbing. This can be mixed with other dubbing materials.   It's perfect for saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies. Available in Black, Pearl, Red, Silver & Rainbow

Piscari Pine Squirrel Dubbing


Piscari Pine Squirrel Dubbing. A nice spikey fine squirrel dubbing, ideal for bodies and thoraxes.

Wapsi Fox Squirrel Dubbing

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Wapsi All Natural Fur Dubbing – Fox Squirrel. The Natural Fur Dubbing from Wapsi is a collection of the hard

Veniard Stickle Dubbing

A superb dubbing made from natural guard hairs that is easy to use and gives a scruffy finish that creates the movement that fish find irresistible

Baitfish Dubbing

The coarser, translucent, long fiber pure synthetic dubbing. Full of sparkle without being flashy. Very easy to work with. You

Bann Valley Supernatural Dubbing

Supernatural by Bann Valley Flies is a long fibred dubbing designed to create robust bodies and which can be easily

Sybai Deer Dubbing Natural

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Dubbing from 100% natural and coarse roe deer. Excellent material for tying nymphs, dry flies or scrubs.

Sybai Flash Nymph Dubbing Box

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Special dubbing for tying nymphs. Mix of natural dubbings, long black guard hairs and flash synthetic fibers.

Veniard Glister Sparkle Dubbing

A chunky pearlised dubbing material. Very easy to use and blend with other materials

Hareline’s Ice Dubbing

This is one of hareline’s best selling products. Great Sparkle and dubs beautifully.

Hareline Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing

Hareline's very fine synthetic dubbing. This is specially designed for dry and small flies. It is the finest dubing around. Dubbing is very light and it will not absorb water.  

Hends Blend Dubbing Fluo Dark Pink

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Hare and Rabbit fur blended with sparkle, super fine diameter fibers. Used in all type nymph and wet fly bodies.

Hends Gleamy Dubbing

A fine synthetic dubbing. Can be used as a substitute instead of seals fur dubbing. Good for use as sparkle in wet flies.

Hends Hare Dubbing

Dubbing made from field hare with a medium roughness which is very popular.

Hends Hare Dubbing Plus

Dubbing made from hare which isnt as bright as some and rougher which lends itself well to natural looking flies.

Hends Holographic Dubbing

A fine holographic dubbing great for adding that extra sparkle to entice fish.

Hends Metallic Dubbing

Widely used for mixing with other dubbing to achieve a high iridescent gloss. Revolutionary and extremely soft staple fibers create new luminescent elements.

Hends Peacock Dubbing

This is ideal as a durable substitute for natural peacock.

Hends Peacock Dubbing dispensers

Peacock dubbing is a synthetic imitation of peacock feathers – especially those colors we find on the tail feathers of