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Mikado Blaster Spinner

Spinners with leaf working angle 45 degrees. Universal spinners, recommended for all kinds of waters.

Mikado Fishunter Pencil Wobblers

They attract predators by creating strong hydro acoustic wave, special colour, sound of metal balls. Fish Hunter wobblers are produced from especially hardened foam. Designed by spinning professionals, tested in all European waters.

Mikado Sensual Treble Hooks

A family of excellent treble hooks recommended for mounting on spoons, spinners and wobblers. Also useful for fishing with live or dead bait.

Mikado Sicario Lures

Realistic look, intense tail action and well-pronounced quivering of the body make the Sicario soft lure deadly effective for multiple different kinds of predators. Smaller sizes will attract perch and zander; larger ones will surely get you a pike.  

Mikado Trout Fat Grubs

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FAT GRUB is a realistic imitation of aquatic organisms made of soft silicone. They are perfect for fishing with light jig heads, both in still and flowing waters. They are perfect not only for trout, but also for chub and perch.

Mikado Twister Lures

Mikado Twister is a soft lure made of completely new material causing a high rate of elasticity. Thicker and heavier body, enlarged surface of tail gives extremely strong hydro-acoustic wave.

Mikado Universal Boxes

These plastic boxes from Mikado are a great all rounder to have in your pack.  They are very versatile and can be used for beads, flies, lures etc. Available in Large & Medium