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      Devaux 100 Waders Olive 42/43

      Waterproof and breathable! The Devaux® DVX 100 Waders are completely made of HUMMIX breathable material (waterproofness of 12000 mm and breathability of

      Devaux DVX 400 Zip Waders

      The Devaux® DVX 400 Zip Wader is very comfortable due to its construction and material. It is entirely made of high quality

      Devaux Parachute Fly Tool

      A great piece of equipment from Devaux to help with making Parachute Flies.

      Devaux Coq de Leon Premium Cape – Demi Cou Pardo

      Premium Quality nib straight from France for heavy pardo users. Feathers with a beautiful pigmentation.  

      Devaux Coq de Leon Shovels- Pelle de Pardo

      Superb pardo rooster shovels of extraordinary quality. These feathers are ideal for nymphs, dries as well as wet flies.

      Devaux DVX Amadou Oval

      Water absorption power. The Devaux DVX Amadou Oval is natural amadou to dry the flies. Dimensions: 7.5 x 5cm

      Devaux DVX D131 Reel

      Reliable and balanced. The Devaux DVX D131 fly reel is very robust and balanced, made from injected aluminum. It is a reliable

      Devaux DVX Thermometer

      Water temperature. The Devaux DVX Thermometer is a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Very useful to determine fish behaviour, stages for

      Devaux Extra Fine Deer Hair

      Highest quality Devaux extra fine deer hair. These fine bristles are perfect for tying small dry hollow-haired flies.

      Devaux Grouse Feathers – Plumes Grouse

      Superb selected feathers, sorted for highest quality. Perfect for dry flies


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