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Stonfo Travel Tool Set

Original price was: €82.00.Current price is: €70.00.
The TRAVEL TOOL SET of stonfo takes up very little space and allows you to take with you all the

Stonfo Magnifying Glass (use on vise)

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Magnifying glass specially designed for fitting on vises, allows to clearly see without distorsions small details during the tying. It

Stonfo Magnifying Glass (Suction Cup)

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A super-handy fly bench accessory from Stonfo, it allows you to clearly see small details without distortions during fly tying.

Stonfo Tool Bar

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Practical and functional tool holder supplied with adaptor bush to fit on vise stems from 8 to 10 mm (3/8”).

Stonfo Bobtec 1

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Stainless steel bobbin with slider to adjust the thread tension. Allows a quick change of the spool. Perfectly balanced when

Stonfo Tapered Pins for Tube Fly

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Complete series composed of 5 stainless steel tapered pins accurately machined. They guarantee a steady locking of tubes with Ø

Stonfo Tube Fly Tool

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This tool can be fixed to any vise to tie tube flies easily. Supplied with two stainless steel pins Ø

Stonfo Whip Finishers

High qualiy whip finisher tool for tying knots at the head of any size fly . Soft touch handle.

Stonfo Bobbin Elite 2

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A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin ideal to tie saltwater flies and streamers. The large tube allows the use

Stonfo Elite Dubbing Needle

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Extra user friendly dubbing needle which is well balanced and sits nicely in the hand

Stonfo Detached Body Tools

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Ideal tool for tying detached body.

Veniard Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder

Specially produced for us, this is a top quality bobbin holder with a ceramic insert at each end of the feeder tube.

Stonfo Rotodubbing Twister

Stonfo Rotodubbing twister Type 2. A high quality revolving dubbing twister with a ball bearing inside for smooth rotation with Y Shaped legs.

Stonfo Bobbin Holders

The Elite A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin with quick adjusting disc-drag that allows a perfect thread tension.

Stonfo Tubular Light Shank

Innovative shanks manufactured with stainless steel micro-tube Ø ext.0,8 mm. Thanks to their tubular section these shanks are lighter, stronger and maintain higher rigidity during tying operations. Series of shanks can be mounted to tie articulated streamers. 10 per pack