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Behr Shot Dispensers

 3.00 3.50
Split shot for summer Behr the practical Dispenser Pack of container Comes in 120g 5 way pack with 2 x

Dinsmores 6 Way Shot Dispenser

6 way dispenser, with 6 sizes of popular non toxic split shot. SSG, AAA, BB, No.1, No.4, No.6,

Dinsmores BB Super Soft Shot

0.4g super soft split shot for all your fishing needs

Mustad Beak Baitholder 92247 BR Hooks

Mustad’s true, allround baitholder hook is ideal for endless uses in different applications but are particulaly popular for worm fishing.

Spro Barrel Swivel & Interlock Snap

Cassic swivel, which can be opened fast and easy. Perfect for fishing with natural baits etc.   Size 6  18kg

Spro Black Barrel Swivels

High Breaking Strengths and top nudge materials for the avid angler in every discipline. The main advantage of fishing swivels

Spro Black Crossline Swivel

These cross swivels or T-swivels from Spro are not only very stable, but also versatile. They are particularly useful if you B.

Spro Black Rolling Swivel

Spin fishing does simply not work without barrel swivels. Whether it is to connect your bite leader with the main

Ullcatch Pro Match Light Bait Elastic

Refils for the incredibly popular Ullcatch Bait Weaver. Light – very fine for the most delicate of baits giving natural


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