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Veniards Peacock Blue Neck

Peacock Gold Body Feathers: Fancy feather that can brighten up any fly! Peacock Blue Neck Feathers: First wound as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe.

Veniard Foam Cylinders

Veniard small foam cylinders 2.3mm in Tan colour. Perfectly formed foam cylinders. Great for detached bodies 10 cylinders per packet.

Veniards Hot Colour Brass Beads

Veniards Extra bright enamel plated brass beads with a tapered hole. 25 beads per packet in large 4.8mm.

Veniard Pheasant Hopper Legs

Hopper legs for your perfect imitation of realistic flies. Each pack contains 50 single knotted cock pheasant tail fibres.

Veniard Razzle Dazzle Chenille

Razzle Dazzle is a solid tinsel fritz type chenille with a unique shimmering quality that is perfect for many Trout flies like Humungous,

Veniard Seals Fur Substitute

A natural hair specially selected for its seal like qualities.

Veniard Stretch Worm Chenille

Antron and rubber fibres have been interwoven with a stretchy core. Great for worm type flies.

Veniards Krystal Flash UV Pearl

Krystal flash in UV colours has added another dimension to this popular product.

Veniards Prepared Solid Wax

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Used for dubbing or to stop materials slipping when tying.