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Tommi Fly UV Chenille

Suitable for tying streamers, nymphs and dry flies. Chenille is not round, but flat, which is great for creating worms, which get a corkscrew shape and work great in water.

Tommi Fly Micro Bright Yarn

Special body and binding thread. A very attractive feature of this thread is its natural gloss, which is not replaced by

Tommi Fly Twisted Bright Yarn


The already excellent thread has become even better. Thanks to the twist, the thread has a circular cross-section, overall thinner and more compact.

It can be used both for tying flies and for ringing or tying beautiful bodies.

Tommi Fly UV Reflective thread packs of 32

DELIGHTED to now be stocking Tommi-Fly UV Reflective Threads, I have been using these threads for several years and find

Tommi Fly UV Reflective Tying Thread

I have been using these threads for several years and find them fantastic, ideal for Nymphs, Perdigons, small dries and lots more. They come in a great range of colours.

Tommi-Fly Dubbing sets

Spectra dubbing mix This is a mix of suitable materials for dubbing your flies. The combination of materials allows the natural

Tommi-Fly Tinsel Line

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White/Transparent Tinsel Line. The tinsel is made of metal fiber and synthetic polymers, suitable for streamlining artificial flies. The fineness