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      Shamrock Shirley Bull Rig Feathers

      A well proven rig does what it says on the pack and more. Great fished off boats, rocks and piers. 5 hooks 2/0 Mainline 50lb Snoods 30lb

      FrogHair Flurocarbon Tippet

      High strength to diameter ratio Superior elasticity, suppleness and shock resistance Low coil memory Easy to handle and knot By

      Hanak Fluorocarbon Tippet NEW 2022

      New 2022 version of Hanak’s brilliant fluorocarbon tippet   7X 6X 5X 4X 3.5X 3X 2X sizes available

      Maxima Clear 100m Line

      SUPER CLEAR OUTSTANDING KNOT STRENGTH SHOCK RESISTANT EASY HANDLING Maxima Clear fishing line is incredibly strong and easy to handle,

      Maxima Ultragreen

      100m Maxima Ultragreen has been the “go-to” line of serious anglers around the world for decades. Its trademark strength is a hallmark attribute. From big game to small stream trout, Maxima Ultragreen features outstanding abrasion resistance and unchallenged tensile strength that holds up to punishing runs of all sizes of fish. Maxima Ultragreen’s moss green color is nearly invisible to fish, making it an ideal leader material as well.

      Piscari Tippet Rings

      Packs of 10. Tippet Rings are small, very strong and lightweight, and make rigging and tippet replacement fast and easy.

      Rio Fluoroflex Freshwater Tippet

       14.00 21.00
      Fluoroflex Freshwater Tippet is a medium stiff, 100% fluorocarbon tippet material and is ideal for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Bass,

      Rio Fluoroflex Strong Tippet 6X

      Ultra-Strong, 100% Fluorocarbon With Exceptionally High Tensile Strength, And Exceptionally Easy To Tie Knots In Made from 100% fluorocarbon High

      Shogun Tippet 150m

      Shogun tippet is super strong even in the lower diameters, it is a supple and low abrasive tippet material. I

      Soldarini Fluorocarbon S Power Tippet

      High-quality Fluorocarbon Nearly invisible in the water column Slightly sinking High knot strength High abrasion resistance Material: 100% Fluorocarbon Large

      Umpqua Tippet Dock

      •Keep your tippet at your finger-tips •A great addition to any pack, this tippet holder readily holds 6 standard tippet


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