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Shamrock Mackerel Bashers

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A well proven rig does what it says on the pack and more. Great fished off boats, rocks and piers. 5 hooks 2/0 Mainline 50lb Snoods 30lb

Sybai Flat Tinsel

Flat Tinsel 0.4 mm Essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patterns.  Its shine makes

Sybai Tinsel Chenille

Tinsel Chenille has a wide range of uses for tying many different patterns

Tommi-Fly Tinsel Line

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White/Transparent Tinsel Line. The tinsel is made of metal fiber and synthetic polymers, suitable for streamlining artificial flies. The fineness

UTC French Tinsel

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Painted Tinsel, which is great for weighting and segmentation of flies. Through the paint, the shine of the material is

UTC Holo Tinsel

Holographic tinsel is a fantastic piece of material to use when making bodies on small nymphs or if you need to