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Kinetic Pike Leaders 5 pack

The classic wire leader, long trusted by fishermen all over the world. Every Kinetic Pike Leader is crimped by hand for maximum strength

Kinetic Sabiki Makk Tube

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Glowing tubes and bead are the most used rig attractors. Good tubes are vital for your fishing and with this one rigging will be easy.

Kinetic Treble Hooks

Strong and reliable, the Kinetic Treble Hooks are constructed of strong high-carbon steel for exceptional durability, so you can fish with complete confidence.

Coraflux Slider Float 90g

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Coraflux Slider Float 90g

Dennett Fluo Lumi Beads

  • Fluo-colour rubber beads
  • Place one of them over the hook eye or add more beads on the rig close to the hook, for better fish attraction
  • Suitable for all types of fishing
  • 100 per pack
  • size 6mm
  • Available in Black, Yellow & Orange

Piscari Crimps 4.75mm

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Premium, thick-walled and at the same time soft crimps for rigging wire leaders, hard-mono leaders etc. Due to the soft metal material the leader material is undamaged when crimped.

Spro Oval Pike Float

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Oval pike float from Spro for fishing for pike with natural bait. Top red part for good visibility at distances

Ullcatch Pro Match Light Bait Elastic

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Refils for the incredibly popular Ullcatch Bait Weaver. Light – very fine for the most delicate of baits giving natural