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Piscari Flash Dubbing

Our New Flash synthetic dubbing. This can be mixed with other dubbing materials.   It's perfect for saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies. Available in Black, Pearl, Red, Silver & Rainbow

Soldarini Wormstasy Chenille

Wormstasy Chenille is the perfect material for tying extremely effective worm imitations. This light chenille material will move very temptingly

Piscari Gel Core Fritz 15mm

Gel Core Fritz 15mm is built on a new Gel Core that strongly binds the fibres, meaning it does not

Hareline Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs

The Hareline Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs are a popular material for fly tying legs onto Saltwater flies, Trout lures, Carp flies and apps for bloodworms. These legs are fantastic for giving your fly a realistic look in the water.You can also use the material for tying bodies and ribs as well.

Hends Neon Hair

Used on almost every style of flies. Soft with great moving action. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies.  

Hends Rainbow Chenille

Translucent chenille with the rainbow reflections. Dazzling body material spun on thread core. Big, bushy chenille that provides a brilliant

Hends Tinsel Chenille

The Tinsel Chenille has a wide range of uses for tying many different patterns. Smaller diameters can be used for

MFE Perdigone / Buzzer Quills

The MFE Perdigone Buzzer Quills; these fantastically shimmering and iridescent bodies of the Perdigon nymphs or many buzzers is child’s

Perdo Sparkle

This is a very fine Sparkle powder ideal for mixing with all UV resins to create that extra sparkle. Use

Piscari Creeper Worm Chenille

Creeper is a unique design of chenille material that incorporates soft and mobile rubber legs for creating a wide variety

Piscari Gel Core Fritz 12mm

Gel Core Fritz 12mm is built on a new Gel Core that strongly binds the fibres, meaning it does not fall to bits like some fritz chenilles. The core is also dyed the same colour as the fibres. A popular chenille for Blobs and with competition anglers. Very useful in tying blobs, bodies of lures and many other options.   1 meter per pack,

Piscari Mini Fritz

Mini Gel Core Fritz is designed more for standard lure bodies, such as cats, boobies, lures and streamers. A great

Piscari Neon Fritz 15mm

Piscari-Fly Neon fritz is wondering and easy to use fritz for your stocky flys such as blobs or bodies of

Piscari Hair Straggle

Hair straggle is a very nice subtle blend of chenille. It has a fine core with UV glints with colours

Piscari Micro Straggle UV Fritz

UV Micro straggle Fritz has added UV filaments which helps create a stunning new look to your favourite fly patterns.

Piscari Neon Twist

Brilliant material, comes in a wide pallet of bright colours

Piscari Microworm Chenille

Polypropylene Floating Yarn is great for spinner wings, parachutes and poly duns. It can also be used for worm patterns for river and lake fishing also.

Piscari Spare Leader Foam

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Included is 5 pieces of spare leader foam, with a mix of green, orange, red and blue.  

Piscari Squirmy Worms

Great Material for tying your Squirmy Worm flies. 10 pieces in each pack.  10 colours available.

Piscari UV Gel Core Fritz

UV Gel Core Fritz. 15mm in size. It features an added flex of UV fibres to add a subtle UV

Semperfli Ice Straggle Chenille Fluo Yellow

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Highly mobile with fluoro and natural colours Ice Straggle Chenille Fl Yellow is a highly versatile material for salmon, steelhead,

Semperfli Nano Silk

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. Being so super strong and available in such a variety of colors